The Argent Tournament

inv_qirajidol_lifeWith patch 3.1 deployed this week, it seemed like the perfect time to shed some light on the newest quest-hub and fluff-central of Northrend: The Argent Tournament. Like with the island of Quel’Danas, this is a permanent quest hub offering daily quests that progress you into a new side part of the story, and is meant to entertain you while you get ready for a big raid (Ulduar in this case). More detailed info can be found on MMO-Champion.

What is it?

The Argent Tournament is located in Sindrigosa’s Fall in Icecrown. Now securely in the hands of the Argent Crusade, they have begun the building of a large arena meant for the training and selection of the champions that will stride forth to confront Arthas. It is long from finished however, as Goblin constructors are known to be expensive and slow in getting things done. In come the players, who are asked to assist in the building’s supplies.

Tournament? What tournament?

Once you have passed a health check and file your insurance papers, you get to be an aspirant. You will be able to mount a tournament horse, and after some practice runs, can use it for honest-to-god jousting. The vehicle interface has been specifically adapted for this (make sure your bar addon can handle it, else you may have to disable it until they have been updated).

By doing all of these quests, you can champion your home city. This means Stormwind for humans, Exodar for Draenei, and so on. Your goal is to become a champion of this city, and earn Champion Tokens to hand in for rewards. Once you have become a champion for your home city, you may start becoming a champion of other cities, and access their rewards as well.

One of the rewards is a token that offers rep with one of the home cities (the one you are championing), which is a nice way of becoming exalted with them without doing a lot of arduous quests. However, should you become a champion and exalted with a city as well, you will gain the “Of …” title, with that city. For instance, Natarumah is exalted with Exodar, and once she becomes a champion of the Exodar she will be known as Natarumah of Exodar.

Finishing the quest line also gives you a squire pet to carry your heavy loads and generally fawn on you. Imagine little timmy with an Argent Crusade tabard and you get the drift. The Horde gets an Argent Gruntling, which is basically a spiky Orc kid with the same intention.


While there are items as a reward, they are not the latest and greatest. Depending on your state of gear and what stats you need, some may be better itemized, but it’s not likely. Of interest is the Jouster’s Fury, a trinket which gives +73 resilience rating and has a chance on hit to increase your crit rating by 328 for 10 seconds.  This may be a welcome addition in PvP, assuming it works on spells as well as melee.

Each city has a small collection of mounts and pets, as well as a new tabard and a nifty banner which you can set up, like the old Argent Dawn banner from the invasion event.

All factions can get the Argent Hyppogryph mount, which is a 280% speed mount (and costs a whopping 250 seals).

Exodar – Ammen Vale Lashling – Great Azuremyst Elekk mount
Darnassus – Teldrassil Sproutling – Swift Darnassian Mistsaber mount
Gnomeregan – Mechanopeep – Turbostrider mount
Stormwind – Elwynn Lamb – Swift Elwynn Steed mount
Ironforge – Dun Morogh Cub – Swift Ironforge Ram mount
Silvermoon – Enchanted Broom – Swift Silvermoon Hawkstrider mount
Thunder Bluff – Mulgore Hatchling – Great Mulgore Kodo mount
Undercity – Tirisfal Batling – Forsaken Warhorse
Sen’Jin Village – Sen’Jin Fetish – Swift Darkspear Raptor
Orgrimmar – Durotar Scorpion – Swift Orgrimmar Wolf mount

In terms of pets I am most impressed with the Fetish, Enchanted Broom and the Sproutling, since they are definitely not obtainable in any other way. Sure, a lamb is not either, but…it’s still just a lamb. I also like the idea of the Squire/Gruntling, because I know some RPers on my server who will be rushing off to invent new storylines…good and bad.

So while Ulduar holds the real rewards, and the patch cleans up classes, bugs and professions (whether people are cheering or crying about it), the Tournament offers what players really want in their hearts – toys.


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