Update notice!

spell_shadow_demonformAs patch 3.1 hit, I have been rummaging and found that my Spell Focus posts on what our Shadowpriest spells actually do are woefully out of date. In the next few weeks I want to iron out the kinks, and update them. Also, I will try and see if I can make a single page link to each spell we have, to make it easier to navigate. Especially things like the co-efficients are something I need to check, which means digging on the interwebs again to find an updated source.

Also, Ulduar. I only got to do Flame Leviathan before I was called on Nazhtarune to help heal, but it was such a load of fun. I imagined it would be a lot less interesting, but it’s just like playing with tanks and army men when I was a kid.

Good times.

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