Saga – the end of an era

ToyYesterday the announcement was made that the Saga community would no longer be organizing raids. As I have reported before, there had been issues with good people leaving, bad people who influenced our raids, and people who lost motivation and will to raid effectively. Our Ulduar raid showed just how unfocused and rusty we had become, and rather than continue on and thereby demolishing the reputation we had for being diligent, considerate and knowledgeable, we decided to pull the plug and quite while we were ahead.

Below is the post as made on our forums by Asfalore, the Community Leader:

Of all decisions we’ve had to make of late, there was one we really weren’t looking forward to. We were hoping we’d never have to make this decision, but it looks like it’s finally caught up with us.

We’re left to face the fact that Saga is no longer the raiding community it was in TBC, or even at the start of Wrath. Too many of our raiding core left, most of them because of completely viable RL reasons. These people were simply irreplacable on a server like ours, where every skilled raider is either a professional asshole or already guilded. We tried recruiting heavily – people tread in the footsteps of those who left. Unfortunately, most of our more recent recruits were not the kind of people who genuinely cared about this community. Some vanished right after being trialled, others ignored our community’s few rules, and still others simply never had the dedication to raid progress content.

Due to the long lull in activity in between patches 3.0 and 3.1, we grew complacent and unfocused. Even some of the people that used to be our raiding core grew casual, or didn’t care so much anymore about missing an enchant or gem here and there. People stopped being on time, and stopped using raid consumables. We lost our edge.

We took a long, hard look at the Ulduar raids this week, and all of us officers wound up at the same conclusion. The raiding community that we used to be no longer exists. We’ve been in decline for a while now, but Ulduar most definitely showed us that even our raiding core is no longer up for tackling these kinds of challenges.

For many of us, Saga was something of a dream. But eventually, the dream must come to an end…we wake up, and when we dream again it is a completely new and different dream. That’s the way it must be with Saga as well. As of this moment, Saga will be a social community. We will not officially schedule any more raiding content. If you wish to leave, we will not hold it against you in the slightest – please do let us know, however. If you wish to stay, you are more than welcome to.

Dream or not, we had an awesome time here. On behalf of Natarumah, Lanara and myself, I’d like to thank everyone who allowed us to get as far as we did. You’re a wonderful bunch of people, and I hope all of you find a place where you can have fun again.

And so the Saga comes to an end…good luck, everyone, wherever you may go!

You have to imagine, for many people the end of a guild or community is a hard hit to swallow. These were the people I raided with since TBC, I cleared Karazhan with them, and did my first heroics. These were the people who helped me get the mats for my Frozen Shadoweave set, provided flasks and advice, and who stuck together through a guild crisis to form Saga. We cleared SSC and TK (almost) and followed through in Black Temple and Mount Hyjal.

We never got to see Sunwell before the expansion loomed at the horizon, and so we prepared for the coming of Naxxramas. We cleared Naxx, killed Sartharion with one of his Drakes, we showed Malygos the error of his ways and weekly killed Archavon just for laughs. And in Ulduar, we killed the Flame Leviathan, who reminded all of us of playing with little tanks when we were wee boys and girls.

But that is now over. I am currently in a state that is in between quiet resignation and heartbroken. To preserve what we had, it had to end. Even so, it feels as if my reason for playing was ripped from me, and I am not reconsidering what to do. I want to raid, I want to achieve and prepare, grind and improve.

But now, I have to consider the who, why, what and where.

Peace all, and I hope your guilds survive the Ulduar experience.

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