achievement_halloween_cat_01Well, yes. It’s that time again. Achievements and goodies for those who can invest the time. As Noblegarden is close to Children’s Week this year, you probably will not have the full week to do all you can, so here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • Eggs are the key

Everything revolves around finding eggs in the various starting locations. Azure Watch, Goldshire, Kharanos and Dolanaar. Around these small towns eggs spawn which you can click to gather them, and then open for candy and sometimes a goody, such as a dress, tuxedo parts, flowers, and so on.

There’s also a daily quest to find 20 shell fragments in eggs you harvest, as well as one to bring 10 chocolates to the quest giver. The reward for the daily to find shell fragments is an item which you can use to turn others into bunnies. This is handy for the achievement Hard Boiled (lay an egg in Un’goro) – find a friend, turn each other into bunnies in Un’Goro and wait for an egg. Voila!

  • If you need it, it can be bought

Inside the eggs are chocolates. For the achievement “Chocoholic” you will need to eat 100 pieces of chocolate. They are also used to buy all of the rewards, including the bunny pet, tuxedo, dress, and so on. Helps if you aren’t lucky enough to find them inside the Noblegarden eggs. There is an achievement to find them inside the eggs, but they are not part of the meta-achievement “Noblegarden”. The vendor is the one that gives the quest asking you to collect 10 pieces of chocolate.

A special note on the achievement that asks you to “hide an egg in stormwind”. These can also be bought from the vendor, and can be used in Stormwind. I am not sure if different races have different city requirements, but you get the idea.

  • Good hunting, good camping

Some people prefer to hunt eggs by running like crazy hoping to find a spawn. Others wait in the same corner and camp a spawn spot. Either works, but it shouldn’t be too busy or you will likely still not get any eggs. A good tip is of course to try at early and late hours, during raiding times, or when Wintergrasp is active. This way you are less likely to find people egg-hunting.

In the end, you will need about 500 eggs to get everything done (560 I believe). So be patient, and keep faith.

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