Children’s Week!

spell_shadow_hauntingWell, one festivity coming into town before the old one leaves has its disadvantages. Where normally you’d have the chance to do all the achievements on two or three more characters, instead your main is now forced to travel far and wide with some snotty little brat, to show them the world. I’d leave it somewhere in Nagrand, but the money’s good. Real good.

All of the Children’s week achievements are relatively easy to achieve, except the one where you have to enter all of the BGs. The only tip there is that it’s best to gather some friends and do it together.

School of Hard Knocks

In Alterac Valley, there usually is plenty time to capture (or recapture) a tower. In most cases, the opposing side is focused on capturing your towers anyway, so it’s business as usual.

In Arathi Basin, it’s generally best to claim a very undefended node (usually go for Farm if you are Alliance or Stables if you are horde). Don’t go for Lumber Mill because it is usually a tactical spot and heavily defended/attacked.

Eye of the Storm is the worst of all; this is where you need your friends. Discuss among yourselves who will go for the flag in what order; 1 person tries to cap the flag, 4 others defend him/her. This is generally enough to make sure you can get a few flags.

Warsong Gulch is also not too hard, as long as your group has solid defense. Don’t stand around in the flag room, but one room back, to make sure you don’t actually scare away the opponents with your presence. They have to get the flag for you to recapture it.

In all cases, even if you are not a PvPer, try to be civil about things. Don’t /afk out after getting your achievement done, help others get it too. Some people also actually like PvP and don’t like it when people leave after doing their achievement. While you are there, you might just as well do yourself a favor and try out the PvP. I know we saw a Troll priest named Alexstraza, which made us laugh so hard we ganked her for the entire match. That gave us enough of a boost to keep going.

The trading game

And for those who enjoy the trading game, a little birdy told me that Mageroyal in stacks of 3 sell well. Really well. You need 3 for the delicious chocolate cake, and 8 small eggs. The eggs are regularly farmed, but the Mageroyal goes for 20g per Mageroyal on my server. Yes, each.

I had my mage (herbalist) run around and gather a stack or two when I was bored and made a killing on the AH. The ice cream that is required for the Bad Example achievement can be bought at the Shimmering Flats, and in Nagrand at the innkeeper of your respective town. Also, there is a gnome in Stormwind and (something) in Orgrimmar selling the icecream (close to the inn). And still, I manage to sell the ice cream on the AH for 1g each (you need only 1) while you can buy 5 for a few silver.



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