Keeping your wits about you

inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02Funny how life tosses you a curveball from time to time. Recently, the Saga raiding community stopped raiding to become a social membership. Those people who were just looking for (or wanting to stay in) a place they could call home remained within Saga. Strangely, not a week after, we ran a Naxx-10 again, people clamored for Ulduar, and activity levels increased. I have applied since then to the raiding community Unity, which now has me as a trialist. It will still take some time to determine whether or not I will be allowed on board, but we’ll see how it goes.

More importantly, Unity only caters to 25-mans, not 10-mans at all. This is good, because should Saga start running and be in need for a healer while I am not needed for a raid, I can come on Nazhtarune and help them out. I am still keeping Natarumah aside for Unity completely at this point. Let’s face it, Unity deserves to get all I can give, and at this point that is my Shadowpriest.

I have come to a few simple realizations in this time, which may help you if you (like me) as suffering from raid- and guild-stress:

1) The guild will be fine without your mothering about – they are grown people too.

2) If you stop having fun you will stop logging in – and that means people perceive this as “not being active”.

3) When your need is most dire, and you really need that break, people will understand – no man is an island.

I have done some soul-searching on myself, and tried to determine what I really did or did not like. I like blogging, photography and art, but am not the type to enjoy doing the goose strut in a line. So I decided to renew my membership with the Dutch-Japanese foundation (which does a lot of Japan-related events in the Netherlands) and make reports and photographs. Then put all of this together in a new blog. That will become my main goal for the next few months, to figure out what I like to do exactly, and thus prevent being ruined by stress and boredom.

I love WoW and will keep playing, and I will keep blogging about all of it, though. I am too much of a theorycrafting git, and I love fighting for the rights of the oppressed (Shadowpriests in this case). Rock on, Shades, rock on!



2 Responses to “Keeping your wits about you”

  1. Woo, I’m glad you’re not giving up blogging about shadowpriests! I’ve always found your theorycrafting to be really insightful and helpful.

    Good luck with the new blog!

    • I wouldn’t dream about giving it up; my first priority at this time is merging all the things I love so much, and perhaps find a way for it to make enough money that I can actually host a blog instead of using the standard templates ^_^.

      But that is all the sweet siren song of future possibilities; right now I focus on getting the skills required to get my act together.

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