Patch 3.2 sees Shadowpriests unchanged

natarumah-128Well, the first signs and steps for patch 3.2 have been made, and they are things to be really excited about; we get mounts earlier for our alts (yay riding through Stranglethorn) and a whole new instance/raid (Colliseum). Also, we get some very nice profession changes (basically all “ultimate bonuses” such as ring enchants, shoulder glyphs, dragon’s eye gems and the like will be buffed a bit).

Mages and Shamans get a bit of overhauling, other classes get nerfed, and lifebloom takes another hit with the big stick (I guess Druids were still using it too much).

In all of this, it seems the priest changes are rather minimal, with a slight increase in the coolodown on Penance. In other words, a slight nerf to Discipline priests, and nothing else. Us Shadowpriests, long the token providers of Replenishment, now have that system changed again. Rather than 0.25% of max mana per second, it now provides 1% of max mana per 5 seconds. A slight nerf (which is what people have been asking for in PvP as well) but a clearer system, since it is now effectively MP5 and easier to calculate.

Let’s just make a list of the most major things to come our way:

  • The crusader’s colliseum, a series of instances and raids. There will be 5man, 10man and 25man instances, and each will offer the possibility of a “hard mode”. Using this hard mode allows for only a limited number of attempts, so players must choose between breezing through, or being blocked from making any appreciable progress.
  • Tier 9 will drop in the raid instance. Too soon, according to a lot of people.
  • The isle of conquest BG is added, which seems to be a cross between Wintergrasp and Alterac Valley; capture resources, and defend your keep and general to win.
  • New daily quests, pets, tabards and mounts oh my!
  • Cat and Bear forms are getting a make-over, and their appearance is determined by the appearance your character has in caster form. Taurens now get the ability to customize their fur color.
  • Portals from Stormwind and Orgrimmar now lead to the Dark Portal, and the Flight Master there will connect directly to Shattrath. A new zeppelin is added between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.
  • All items that provide Block value have had it doubled; items that provide block value on use get an increase in the effect’s duration instead of a doubling of the value – seeing as how some Paladins already get Full Blocks, this should be…interesting.
  • All “old” heroics, Naxxramas, Malygos and Sartharion will now drop Emblems of Conquest! The old Emblems will not drop anymore (but you can convert to them at the Emblem vendors in Dalaran).
  • MP5 on gear is increased by 25%
  • Resilience will now reduce all damage equally, as well as its old function of reducing Crit% and Crit damage, as well as mana drain. This replaces the old clunky system where DoTs were affected by two different systems and people got confused and angry.
  • Death Knights are completely overhauled; check the list. I am not in the slightest aware of how a DK works aside of being a heavy cooldowns-based Melee class, so I cannot comment on them.
  • Hunter traps now exists in three categories, and the hunter can have one of each active at any time. Something tells me this makes Survival an even greater threat (fun?) than before.
  • Shamans will have the ability to place their totems in a small bar (totem baggy?) which they can dump on the ground all at once for the combined mana cost. This seems like a speed increase for preparation for heavy movement-based fights, as well as lessening frustration overall.
  • Illumination is reduced in power so Holy paladins regain less mana for it; in combination with the 25% increase of MP5 on gear, it seems Blizzard is hellbent on getting Paladins off their crit habit, into rehab, and come out with MP5 gear.
  • The Horde will get their long-awaited Ravasaur trainers in Un’goro…woohoo!

It seems as if this patch is less focused on adding actual content (basically a set of instances and some dailies) but more about smoothing the gameplay, and making the game more fun to play rather than a chore. I can see a lot of these changes making people breathing a sigh of relief, especially our totem-spawning brethren. Of course, there are still no definite notes on hunter ammo or warlock shards, but as this is only the first PTR active, a lot can still happen.


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