Yogg-Saron parceled and packaged!

spell_shadow_spectralsightElation and congratulations abound yesterday as we managed to finally close the curtains on Yogg-Saron. We had some good tries where we consistently reached phase 3, and then suddenly…click.

It is this special feeling when you get to the last few percents of a boss’ life, where the realization of just how close you are fades away into the chaos of violence. Like an orgy of destruction all I felt at that time was an extreme concentration as I was dotting Yogg-Saron, and burning down the adds along with everyone else. In fact, it almost did not register that he was down until the achievements started rolling in, like the end credits of some epic movie.

Patch 3.2 will still be a little way off, so I think there will be some weeks of Hardmode training that awaits us. With a bit of practice and luck, we may even get to burn down Algalon (or have him burn us down) before the patch goes live. That would be epic.

But for now, it’s a bit of time to bask in the glory of an awesome kill and a feeling of peace after a storm of raiding. Oh yes, added a screen shot. I am the floaty Draenei a little right of the middle. ^_^



One Response to “Yogg-Saron parceled and packaged!”

  1. fatfish Says:

    nice!! grats

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