B is for Badass

ability_ambushMMO-Champion released the pictures of the Tier-9 sets which will be featured in patch 3.2: Call of the Colliseum. I just wanted to share a moment of meditation with you before showing you what they are like. Breathe in deeply, and hold your breath. Feel at one with the cosmos. For just a moment, resist the urge to peel layers of thought from other people’s minds in vindictive and creative ways. Are you ready?


Can you say Badass? Can you feel the Badass?


This…is awesome. I feel a tear burning, itching to trail across my cheek as I contemplate what this will look like in Shadowform. And if they have a purple version of this, I’d better bring a change of shorts when we start raiding Colliseum.


6 Responses to “B is for Badass”

  1. What? No wings? That can’t be right!

    Though with homogenizing all the cloth for all classes I guess mage with wings does feel a bit weird.

  2. That looks cool! Oh wait, are you a priest or a mage? Or a warlock?

    Wait…not as cool as I thought…


    • Well, sure warlocks and mages get the same-looking set in different colors. But since we’re always in Shadowform, this makes no difference whatsoever.
      What I like is how the set will be looking like once we are in Shadowform, because all we will really see is the outline and some minor details of the set.

  3. And here I thought we looked like Paladins in a plate dress :-P

  4. Fedoldinn Says:

    I tend to agree with Middea on this gear set, especially for cloth wearers. I don’t think it looks all too amazing and it does look a lot like plate.

    We made a few other observations on the design here: http://quirkyquiescence.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/a-quick-note-on-tier-9-models/

    I much prefer the Tier 1-6…

    • To be fair,

      Put these things into the perspective of Blizzard producing more content, in shorter time, for a broader audience. This puts constraints on the art budget, forcing into things that are seen by more people than just the outfits themselves.

      In a more philosophical point, the amount of effort required to obtain a certain set of gear has gone down considerably. One could ask the question whether the Tier sets deserve their own graphic in any case. It is no more an effort to be in full T8 than it is to be in full BiS items, or a full set of lookalikes.

      Under the notion that Blizzard “caters to the casuals”, armor sets are and will be, just that: casual.

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