Misamane’s “Higher Learning” tip

inv_qirajidol_lifeToday I’d like to draw your attention to a post made by Misamane, who has set up shop over at her blog Respecced. It explains in a few simple steps how we Priests can use Mind Vision to our advantage in finding the hiding places of the books we need to read for the Higher Learning achievement.

Now I personally do not know if the macros used and the tip itself are entirely new, but I haven’t seen it anywhere before in such detail other than a short reference in the Higher Learning Guide on warcraftpets.com. It’s also explained in a nice and tidy format, so that it will be easy and painless to get this achievement done (although it will still take some time, of course).

Kudos to Misamane for this tip!


One Response to “Misamane’s “Higher Learning” tip”

  1. Kudos from Twisted Faith? This is indeed a great day!

    Except that…if other people point fingers at my blog, I’ll have to get off my butt and use something other than the default WordPress page lol.

    Most of the info was spread around the net in various little holes, and it just took some time to collect it all, actually walk thru Lag-aran and test it all out, then throw it all into one big post. But now that it’s there, I take full credit ;)

    Hehe. Thanks for the kudos, and certainly kudos right back on your blog in general, which is always a great read.


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