100th post!

inv_qirajidol_lifeThis is the 100th post for Twisted Faith, meaning it’s time to look back upon Shadowpriesting and how it’s changed since vanilla WoW and the state of affairs today. Also, it is time to share some basic site statistics and for me to meander on what I want to do in the future.


Vanilla WoW

The “good old days” where Shadowpriests were the gods of PvP. Scary, fearsome and rated high in all BGs. Of course, they brought nothing to a raid save for a very modest bit of DPS and had trouble even getting instance groups – and we were always asked to heal. In those times, gear only needed one thing: shadow damage. Crit was useless to us and Haste was not even a factor, so you could still find level 60 Shadowpriests in the good old Shadoweave and pieces of Felweave. Our Tier sets, being Holy, were not much better.

The Burning Crusade

With the rise of our healing through DPS and Vampiric Touch,  we became the Mana Batteries of the raid. Our days in PvP were numbered what with the introduction of resilience, the limitation of Silence and Mind Control (our only real CC). Only Blackout, proccing stuns on our targets, was what gave us a bit of an edge. But things were not bad for us, because in the high-end raids you needed multiple Shadowpriests to survive, and the tier sets were getting better for us. Our DPS was only moderate still, because we were rated as Hybrids.

Wrath of the Lich King

Now we rank reasonable on the DPS scale, despite the fact that our Mana Battery role had been limited (and given to other classes as well). Replenishment is the new way of regaining mana, and despite it being done by more roles than our own, we wear the colors with pride. PvP has not improved for us, and we go Discipline if we need to go to the Arena. With the introduction of Dispersion as our 51-point talent, we gain nothing much in PvP, but we have a bit of a mana and survivability boost in our raids.

We are no longer in our prime in PvP (vanilla) or raids (TBC) but we have come out relatively unscathed. Shadowpriests have a reputation not unlike affliction locks, where it is difficult to master our way of DPS, but once you do the rewards can be quite high.

Shadowpriests, a salute!

Twisted Faith

When I rolled my Shadowpriest in the early days of TBC, all I remembered was how my poor warrior had been trounced in PvP by priests. Such goodness had to be mine! While I did not feel really invincible, I like the casting classes better than the melee classes. Back then, I was so new to the game my Shaman stacked stamina gear and no spellpower/intellect (while being Elemental because I liked Lightning Bolts) and I leveled my warrior as Protection. But with my priest, all things fell into place and Natarumah became my main character (switching me permanently to the Alliance side where my toons had been Horde before).

August 19th of 2008 I decided that I wanted to start a blog on Shadowpriests. Inspired by Phaelia’s Resto4life and Big Red Kitty, I wanted to help new Shadowpriests make the most out of the class, by taking the big scary numbers and making them into pint-sized paragraphs. Bolted on came news on new developments, roleplaying and some gawking over tier sets.

When I saw the counter slowly rise to 100, I realized I had to decide for myself how important Twisted Faith was, and how I was going to give it more P’zazz. I am still figuring things out myself, but I am not going anywhere soon, so Twisted Faith will remain. In the works are a guide for Shadowpriests who just switched from Holy, I am thinking on some art designs (sprucing up the sites and maybe following Phaelia’s lead with her Tree shirts) and incorporating more roleplay and story as a category.

I would like to thank you all for putting up with my occasional ranting and hope that I provided some useful info and mild entertainment. Twisted Faith will continue after these messages! *breep*

The state of the Faith, 28th July 2008

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6 Responses to “100th post!”

  1. Wooohoo, congrats on your 100th post :) I’ve always enjoyed your blog, and look forward to more!

  2. Congrats on the 100th post! I have to say that I read your blog with a lot of enthusiasm and found it to be quite relevant to the S.priest community! Congrats and keep up the great (aka awesome) work.

  3. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    yeah! – congrats!

  4. Gratz on 100……have always enjoyed reading ur blog

  5. Gratz mate! Always loved reading this.

  6. Congratulations and great post, I love a bit of nostalgia :)

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