Diary: Anchorites of the Void

Shadow PowerFor thousands of years, my brethren were among the Eredar. Children who grew up with whispers in their minds, allowing them to see the intents of others, to read and control their minds. They had insight beyond renown, yet were quiet and withdrawn. Then came Sargeras. He corrupted two of my people’s great leaders, making them generals in his infernal army. And yet, some remained, with hope in their hearts and the future in their minds.

Now known as the Draenei, fugitives, we fled the world in shining ships aided by the luminous Naaru. And the whispering children would be the guides across this great black Void, to places where we could hide for short periods at a time. No one questioned how we knew the Void so well. No one questioned where we took us. We were oracles, navigators, and caretakers.

Yes, caretakers.

For even the Naaru have their dark secrets, that which they do not wish to share with their allies. And we knew. They claim that they do not wish to burden their allies needlessly, but in doing so they have allowed openings in the armor of truth and honor they wear, for us to use. For you see, when the Naaru grow weak and their light dims, they become of the Void. Their mind devolves and turns to destruction by shadow, causing pain and suffering. They go into exile willingly, entombing themselves alive until their light burns bright once again. And in their tombs, it is only we that hold them company.

Like mothers tending to their sick children we read them stories, whispered tales to them we heard whispered to us before. We shared with them our darkness, knowing it would be safe with them forever. Then the Blood Elves found us. No one questioned how. They boarded the vessel we had arrived in, near the distant world of Azeroth, and sabotaged it beyond repair. No one questioned how they knew how to do it. No one perceived our hand in this, the whispers of intuition we shared.

For you see, we had arrived at our final destination. There was no longer a need for a vessel to travel in. We had come home.

This is the first installment of a series of diary entries detailing the Anchorites of the Void. While originally meant as a background story for my character during RP, I found that it nicely fills in a number of gaps in the story that is told during the Burning Crusade. In sharing it with you, I will also continue this story on into the events of Wrath of the Lich King, and perhaps even the next expansion if I get enough hints and inspiration. ^_^


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