Spell Focus: Mind Blast

Mind Blast iconMind Blast is our multi-functional nuke; while its cooldown means it does not have the spammability of Mind Flay, it is central in our casting for the triggering of various utility effects, whether our T8 4-piece bonus, Replenishment, or the newly added Mind Trauma debuff which reduces healing by up to 20%. Mind Blast is one of the earliest spells we receive as priests, and it stays faithfully by our side until deep into Icecrown Citadel.

The Spell

Mind Blast

Mind Blast is a very simple nuke with cooldown, and as such there is little to say about it untalented…

  • 42,85% coefficient, meaning 100 spellpower would add almost 43 damage to the spell.
  • 1.5 second cast time, 8 second cooldown untalented
  • Mind Blast can crit, and its cast time is affected by Haste
  • Procs Shadoweaving


Many talents change the efficiency and utility of Mind Blast one way or the other, as one of our core spells:

  • Improved Mind Blast (requires 10 points in Shadow): Reduces the cooldown on Mind Blast by 0.5 seconds per point (Max -2.5 seconds) and while in shadowform has a 20% chance per point (100% Max) to inflict Mind Trauma, reducing all healing done to the target by 20%.
  • Focused Mind (requires 20 points in Shadow): Reduces the mana cost of your Mind Blastby 5% per point. (Max 15%).
  • Mind Melt (requires 25 points in Shadow): Increases the chance for Mind Blast to crit by 2% per point (Max 4%).
  • Shadow Power (requires 30 points in Shadow): Increases the critical strike damage bonus of Mind Blast by 20% per point (Max 100%). This means that with 5 points (100% increase), a crit deals +100% extra damage, so 200% of the base damage.
  • Misery (requires 35 points in Shadow): Increases the benefit of spellpower on Mind Blast by 5% per point (Max 15%).
  • Twisted Faith (requires 45 points in Shadow): Increases the damage dealt by Mind Blast by 2% per point (Max 10%) if the target is afflicted by Shadow Word: Pain.
  • Vampiric Touch (requires 40 points in Shadow): When you cast Mind Blast on a target affected by Vampiric Touch it triggers replenishment (1% of max mana per 5 seconds for 15 seconds) on the nearest 10 targets with the lowest mana pool.

General Use

Mind Blast serves primarily to trigger replenishment for the raid and maximize our DPS. In essence you should cast it whenever it comes off cooldown. Whenever you have SW:P on the target its damage is also increased by 10%, meaning that with a MF/MB combo you refresh its duration and up your MB damage at the same time. Keeping up your DoTs is more stringent now than ever before.

The “mini mortal strike” effect was placed in to make us feel good about ourselves in PvP, but in practice is rather small. In raids it can be used to limit healing done by mobs and on, for instance, Steelbreaker hard mode. Even then, most likely someone in your raid will have the real deal (50% healing reduction) overwriting your pitiful trauma debuff.

Mind Blast has a very good mana-dps ratio, meaning that it is a relatively cheap spell to cast. Even so, on fights where mana is an issue such as Vezax, it is usually left out of the rotation because the combination of cast-time and its “real” mana cost is too high a risk.

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