Races and racials, oh my!

inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02When I first saw the racial abilities of the Worgen and Goblins, I was pleasantly surprised. Those are quite the powerhouses they have there; that would be awesome! Goblins get a hobgoblin manservant to access their bank (I just know people will give them names) and rocket boosts at a touch of their oversized belt buckles. They also get the best deals regardless of reputation and have a bonus when using potions. Worgen can shift into Worgen shape in battle (while they normally fight in Wolf form) and have a bonus to damage done. They also can skin very fast, very well and without using a knife. This seems less awesome than Goblins, but their shapeshifting animations make up for it.

Of course, Blizzard plans to also update the other races to a similar level. I can only speculate what this would be, but expect solid combos like the Draenei and Blood Elves already have to be more common. This fits in with the redesign of the classes, stats and talent trees that are planned. On the whole, I am reeling a bit at the magnitude of the changes, and their familiarity…

You see, a lot of the things (like guild bonuses and recipes) have featured on Age of Conan before, as has the idea of “downranking yourself” or “upping a party member to your level” so you can play together at a level difference. The change for Hunters to use Focus instead of mana remenisces of the way that Hunters work in Lord of the Rings online, where a hunter builds up focus and releases it into powerful shots. Does the new warlock shard system look familiar? You should, because it is identical to the way that Unholy Assassins in Age of Conan empower themselves to unleash shadowy havoc.

The way the new stats are looking, as well as “combat rating”…errr, I mean Mastery of course, is also a part of that game.

I realize now that Blizzard’s taken a long good look at their game mechanics, and decided to streamline it with what is popular in other games. While this borders on plagiarism, we can only hope that this will be wrapped up in a typical WoW package, and adapted to the needs of the players, rather than a straight cut-and-paste.

Still, I think a horde-side Goblin bank alt seems more than tantalizing (Hey, Greedy Goblin! Now you can do it in style ^_^), and a Troll Druid would be most likely made of win and awesome on a stick and covered with awesome sauce.

Finally, I also think that a few stories, theories and RP guides on Worgen shadowpriests are brewing in the back of my mind…mmmm, delicious!

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