Spell Focus: Shadowfiend

spell_shadow_shadowfiendAs priests increased in power over the course of the Burning Crusade, we discovered how to call into being a minion forged of shadows, whose vampiric nature allowed it to link with us and supply us with mana it drained from our enemies with its vicious attacks. While often underappreciated, this tiny being is as stalwart ally as our tank, despite the fact he can be called only a few seconds at a time.

The spell

Shadowfiend tooltip

Our little shadowfriend attacks once every 1.5 seconds, meaning it will strike 10 times within its duration if used properly. Most often, you will see about 8-9 attacks due to positioning, switching targets and AI silliness. This will regenerate mana for you at the rate of 5% of your maximum mana per attack, regardless of whether it hit or not.

  • 30% coefficient, meaning its dps increases by 30% of your spellpower; with a 1.5 attack speed this is 0.2*spellpower.
  • 5 minute cooldown, 15 second duration
  • Shadowfiend can crit, but does so only rarely (estimated 5% or so crit chance)
  • Shadowfiend spawns on “defensive”, and has a pet bar
  • Shadowfiend has an ability “Shadowcrawl” (explained below) which enhances its use


Only a single talent affects our Shadowfiend at this time:

  • Veiled Shadows (requires 15 points in Shadow): Lowers the cooldown on Shadowfiend by 1 minute per rank (Max 2 minutes reduction)

General Use

Besides being a good way of regaining mana (to the degree that I never use a potion for mana again) it is also a reasonable DPS cooldown to use. It can easily do about 5-7K damage for the duration it runs, which is a nice addition to DoTs and nukes.

Shadowfiends have an ability called Shadowcrawl, which will allow it to warp to its target and increases its damage by 15% for 5 seconds (see the tooltip below).

Shadowcrawl tooltip new

This ability needs to be triggered manually, because it is not on autocast and you don’t want to fiddle with the pet bar if you can help it. Instead, I simply created the following macro:

/cast Mind Flay
/cast [pet] Shadowcrawl

I am pretty sure to Mind Flay a few times during its life, so that covers its Shadowcrawl. And since it does nothing while I have no pet, there will also be no error messages to mess up my screen.

Tips and Tricks

Since it is on a reasonable cooldown, and does not reduce your DPS like Dispersion does, I prefer to use the Shadowfiend first, at about 60% of my mana, roughly. Its attacks will fill up my mana bar even if I continue casting, and is ready soon for another run.

Shadowfiends take reduced damage from AoE but are still exceptionally squishy – don’t summon one into dangerous situations unless you are willing to take the risk of it dying.

Shadowfiend adds a tiny boost to DPS races, like XT-002’s Heart Phase, and can also be used as a temporary stopgap where a melee range/hit is required (Snaplasher movement speed debuff on Freya, tentacle hits on Yogg-Saron, possibly even Algalon’s Big Bang).

One Response to “Spell Focus: Shadowfiend”

  1. That’s a pretty handy macro. Never occurred to me to tie it onto Mind Flay.

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