Hey! We get a buff!

Mind Blast iconThe newest changes planned for patch 3.2 (and on the PTR) have been announced. I scanned them listlessly, until my eyes hit a buff planned for us little Shades. No! Could this be the bandaid to help us live in raids until Cataclysm? Judge for yourself, it might just make me reconsider the use of (Improved) Spirit Tap…

  • Twisted Faith now increases your spell power by 4/6/8/12/16/20%. (Up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
  • Improved Spirit Tap effect changed to : Your Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Death critical strikes have a 100% chance and your Mind Flay critical strikes have a 50% chance to increase your total Spirit by 10%. Mana regeneration effect remains unchanged.

It seems to resound a bit with the post placed on the Blizzard forum here, where Shadowpriest PvE concerns are laid out in a logical manner. Especially the part where other caster classes gain a greater benefit from Spirit than we do (We used to gain 30% from Spirit as Spellpower in the Wrath beta, but this was nerfed to 10%).

Only a short update post today, as work is killingly busy. I’m planning to complete my Spell Focus series soon!


2 Responses to “Hey! We get a buff!”

  1. Some basic math told me that at Ulduar/TotC gear level I’d get around extra 150 spellpower from those changes. I’d expect ~1-2% DPS increase at best. It’s good they buffed those talents a bit but in big picture our scaling still sucks as haste is nearly wasted stat for us.



    We got mentioned in patch notes!

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