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OsceolaOrg_MyLittlePonySparked by a post at Hots&Dots concerning ForteXorcist, I began to wonder what qualities the perfect Dot Timer addon would need to have to fit to Shadowpriests and our needs during raids. Below is what I have come up with so far, feel free to add your own thoughts and I will see what can be included. I am not looking into making a barebones setup – I’d like to see if we can design the “Vuhdo” of Dot Timers.


A Dot Timer addon tracks the DoTs that we have running on our targets, allowing us precision timing on what we DoT and when. Current examples include DoTimer, ForteXorcist and custom Power Auras.

  • Multi-target to support multi-dotting – the addon would have to neatly group the various targets and display our debuffs on them, so that in a multi-dotting situation we can track them across various targets.
  • Current target priority – our debuffs on the current target need to be most prominently displayed, since that is most important to us at that time.
  • Cooldown monitor – to track cooldowns on our Shadow and Discipline spells.
  • Misery warning – there should be a display or warning showing when Misery is on our target
  • Shadow Weaving warning – there should be a display or warning showing how many stacks we have, with perhaps a visual cue when we are at the magic “5”.
  • Tracking bars – the DoT duration should be displayed as a bar, shortening as the duration runs out. There should be some sort of “ping” or “flash” on the bar indicating when the damage ticks happen, to assist in for instance clipping Mind Flays.
  • Grouping – the bars should be sorted by mob, and within each group the bars should be sorted by “time remaining” as a default.
  • Tracking timers – on or next to each bar there should be a timer, which counts in full seconds until the DoT reaches the last 2 seconds, when the display should include tens of seconds.
  • Icon – For most, the spell icon next to the bar should be enough to identify the spell; an option for including the spell name would be handy though.
  • Re-targeting – Vuhdo has an option called “private tanks”, where we can store specific people we want to watch while healing. If the name of the target on which we have DoTs is targetable, it eases targeting multiple mobs.
  • Targets and DoTs should be properly removed from the list when dead or expired – a problem which often occurs with DoTimer is that the timer continues even if the mob is dead or the DoT has been dispelled, which does not help us.
  • Customization – the bars’ color, texture and size should be changeable, and the timers should be easy to move and lock without complicated menus.

An example of what such a bar grouping would look like, I made a simple visio picture describing the idea:

Addon idea1

Work in Progress – more will be added as more ideas are sparked!


11 Responses to “My little Dot Timer”

  1. I might mock up my own “ideal” DoT monitoring system for multiple mobs. You’re right, it comes down to personal preference but my key wish-list things are:

    1. displayed in a pie-chart traditional dot icon, not a progress bar
    2. placeholders for our dots – i don’t like it when something drops off and everything reshuffles – it should just be an empty spot
    3. animate, or draw visual attention to Vamp Touch when you need to recast it eg. at 1.5 seconds, or 1.3 or whatever based on your individual cast time (haste)
    3. animate, or draw visual attention to SW:P when it has less than 4 seconds before expiring

  2. In TBC I used an addon called DotDotDot that was really great. Unfortunately it is no longer supported, but it had alot of the features you list. I think it is still listed on the WoWAce site.

    My favorite feature was that it listed all of your dots in a graded bar graph and your current target was highlighted with a different bar color, so you could easily tab through a large group and see if you needed to refresh dots. Made tab dotting in Hyjal a dream.

    Currently I use Button Timers, which I like better than DoTimer. It only tracks my current target however, so tab dotting is not as convenient.

  3. First time poster and I just wanted to say how very useful I find your website. Started with a mage back in March but started a priest two months ago and absolutely love playing her. She’s still holy now but due to the sheer love of the shadowpriest class shown by this website I’m seriously considering dual classing her to give it a try. As well I can see lvling for lvls 40+ being very, very slow without significantly more damage capability.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great info on the various shadow spells, combos and addons,
    Lastrites @ Duskwood

  4. Pugnacious Priest Says:

    I can’t see why we can’t had addons that list every single potential target in a fight.. i like that idea, would make dotting alot easuer then tab targeting

    • As far as I know that is against the LUA coding; it has something to do with being able to create macros and such (and addons) that would target any hostile entity nearby. I am not sure of the details, but I do know that it is expressly locked out for some anti-abuse measure.

  5. What I most lack in a DotTimer is the abiltiy to actually click the name or bars connected to a mob, and get that mob targeted.

    If i Dot up 5 mobs, with the same name, and they stand on each other in a pile of goo, how will I easy pick up the right mob and redot? Currently I have to tab through every single one, and if there is like 10 of them, then tabbing becomes a nightmare.

    Is there any timer out there where you actually can re-target mobs with just clicking their name on your dot-timer.?

    • Not that I know of.

      As I said before, the coding has a limitation in that any mob cannot appear on such addons as DoTimers until it has been targeted once; otherwise you could make this a great advantage in arenas and use mouse-over macros on an “enemy grid”.

      I am not sure if it is even possible to create a DoTimer where you can click the name of the mobs you dotted up to re-target them; this would necessitate making a tiny new unitframe for each mob, and removing it once the mob is dead. This may be a very heavy and difficult thing to program…

      • Yep, I do know the issues :) I just see that multi dotting will be a pain in 3.3 when your haste will hit the roof.

        With lets say 30-40% haste (raidbuffed), you will have a hard time dotting around 3-4 mobs while trying to get some kind of normal rotation going on.

        I guess something can be solved with timers running in name plates or so.

        • Well, it could be that in such circumstances we actually dot up the mobs and leave Mind Flay out entirely (usually because the mobs will die because we needed to reapply SW:P anyway). On top of that, with 3-4 mobs it’s often a good idea to just hit Fade and Mind Sear as if your life depends on it.

  6. Any news on this Dot Timer ?

    Probably not.

    • Problem is that what we’d be looking for can’t actually be programmed according to the LUA. Many of the things that I need can be found in Dotimer, Ellipsis or ForteXorcist, and I am currently using a nameplate addon that displays DoTs as icons.

      The latter is interesting, will try and make a feature of some addons when I get home from work. You see, while this is not exactly what I’d be looking for, it does show adds that aren’t dotted up, so it gives a global overview.

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