More Harharhar on the PTR

spell_shadow_auraofdarknessThings are heating up on the PTR as we are reaching the release of patch 3.3. And we, little Shades in the back, are actually standing to get quite a bit of improvement. If these things come true, we can expect to see ourselves right back towards the top of the DPS lists again. Here’s a summary:

  • Shadowform will allow Devouring Plague, Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch to benefit from Haste – it will reduce the duration and the time between dot ticks by your haste %.
  • Improved Devouring Plague will deal 10%/20%/30% of its total periodic damage instantly upon casting – doubled from 5%/10%/15%.
  • Vampiric Embrace will be a 30-minute buff on ourselves instead of a debuff on opponents. It cannot be dispelled.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain renamed to Glyph of Mind Flay.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain will now restore 1% of your base mana per periodic damage tick.
  • Glyph of Shadow will now grant 30% of your Spirit to spellpower instead of 10%.

In short, Haste will now provide scaling for us; but not quite linear. You see, it makes our DoTs tick faster and thus deal more damage. However, this also means a short DoT duration, more recasts and thus a lot more mana use. Especially Shades at around the 1K-1100 Haste (the Haste specialists) will find themselves drained quicker and may need to scale down on their Haste ratings. The change to the glyph of Shadow Word: Pain (mana restore per tick) seems to be a way to assist high-haste Shadowpriests a bit in this.

The changes to Devouring Plague and VE are PvP buffs, designed to let us live longer as well as provide more burst damage. Technically the VE change is a buff on us, and should provide healing from all damage done, regardless to what creature, but somehow I have the idea that there will be trouble in this department. It should give the same amount of healing, but in the change from debuff to buff I can see something going wrong. In any case it will save us global cooldowns, which means more DPS.

Things do look good, very good.


6 Responses to “More Harharhar on the PTR”

  1. Of all the changes the VE one excited me the most – maybe because it was completely unexpected.

    Does nobody else find it strange that all this has been announced only about 1 month from the “Shadow Priests dps is fine. I know they don’t agree, but it is.” blue posts?

    • They way I see it, one of 2 things could have happened:

      1) They said we were fine, then extrapolated what we would do in damage compared to other classes in Tier 10 gear and said “uh oh”. Because there will most likely be craptons of haste on T10, and they already saw us picking up fewer Haste pieces of T9. In fact, Healer pieces of T9 were ranked higher than DPS pieces on in some cases. This is not a trend they liked.

      2) They realized that while our DPS was “fine” it was not “competitive” and was losing us raid spots. I know that I am often the only Shadowpriest in our raids, and one of our Shades has in my belief permanently shifted to Warlock. The others are healers with Shadow offspecs for when we get to easy content.

      Either way, if this goes live I will feel really good. Really good, because I won’t have to put in twice the effort to get half the DPS of some others in the raid.

  2. Deviant Lurker Says:

    Haste – check (pretty much unavoidable these days)
    Mana – check (lots of int, tyvm)
    Spirit – uh-oh

    With the Glyph of Shadow buff, I’m going to be sorely behind the curve as it relates to spirit. I’ve been furiously forgoing spirit to stack crit. I’m at about 28% crit unbuffed now and get a *LOT* of my damage from DOT and MF crits.

    However, IIRC my spirit is at a dismal level… around 490 I think. So I can expect to see a pathetic +98 spellpower with this new buff. Priests with a more normal affinity for spirit would expect to see double that or more. I guess I better start looking for more spirity gear.

    • Well, not necessarily perhaps.

      You see, there’s a good chance the changes to the contribution of Spirit to spellpower in the glyph was changed because we stay away from Spirit, and it did not make the contribution that was expected.

      Even so, Tier gear has a lot of Spirit generally, and a high crit score will contribute massively to damage. However, this means that Spirit-heavy gear now becomes a valid choice instead of the healer hand-me-downs we DPS with.

  3. I am extremely excited for these changes to go live. I couldn’t agree more with the effort vs damage output. I’m slightly behind my guild on gear, but I can bust my a$$ and still be at the bottom of the dps lists.

    I’m also glad they’re looking at doing this via talents rather than glyphs. Glyphs would have meant a choice – this way we get our haste scaling while non-shadow priests will not for the same spells and we don’t have to sacrifice another glyph.

    VE is a great change too – it will provide additional needed utility for shadowpriests in the raid as a constant healing source. It maintains the ‘leech’ theme while helping eliminate one GCD and keeps the effect up through every fight. Might be worth reconsidering Improved VE!

  4. […] However, I might be wrong, so feel free to buff us some more! The changes have been reported on several blogs already, haste applying to dots when in shadowform being the main buff amongst […]

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