Tier 10 – for real this time

So, now that the stats for Priest Tier 10 have been released, time to show off what we will be seeing coming patch 3.3; I personally will mourn losing 2pT8 (the additional damage on DP was very welcome) but since that will be added to the Improved Devouring Plague talent effectively, we should see no difference there. Tier 9 was pretty much a joke, leaving us swamped in +Hit unless you happened to sport a set of Heroic ToC25 version.

So what’s in the goody bag?

This is the quick link to the set on the database of MMO-Champion: http://db.mmo-champion.com/is/886/

For easy comparison, I am going to compare T8-T10 on the normal 25man level. But first, the set bonuses we have all come to love and adore:

(2): The critical strike chance of Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague is increased by 5%.

(4):Reduces the channel duration of Mind Flay by 0.5 seconds, and the time between ticks by 0.17 seconds.

Tier comparison by slot

Below are some comparisons I made – you can click on them to see them fully sized.

As you can see, we will lose almost 225 Spirit if we upgrade from T9, over 60 Hit and 74 Haste. This however, is made up for by adding over 150 Crit, and 138 Spellpower across the set. That is some very sweet Crit indeed, and allows us to give more priority to Haste in our other pieces. Rings and trinkets are generally more flexible to swicth and mix-and-match with, once you have some collected.

Stat-wise, I am very impressed by this new set – it seems to remove the flaws of the T9 and still keep its strengths. When upgrading from T8 you will see a greater loss in Spirit (and thus a little spellpower and mana regen) but the other stats are too awesome to be believed.

Upgrade now! Offers while they last!

The looks

Well, I don’t think the set is half-bad. While we don’t look as awesome as Gnomish Warlocks, who get to look like evil reanimated ragdolls, at least we’re not Rogues (sorry guys, you got shafted).

All I can say is: Elvis is in the house! And she’s evil.


3 Responses to “Tier 10 – for real this time”

  1. Meh. Shaman get horns and ghost shoveltusks, we get a tea towel.

  2. The chest/robe in particular looks pretty darn nice.

    Do you think the white/blue model is the 25 man normal set? I love the look of the purple coloured set.

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