Astral Walker and nearly alone in the darkness

Yesterday was a torrent of activity, focus and determination as Unity managed to defeat Algalon during its one-hour stay on pittoresque Azeroth. It was the first time I was the soaker, meaning that during the Big Bang I stay outside, disperse 2 seconds before Big Bang finishes casting, and stay alive until the tank picks everything up again.

The feeling of doing this is immensely rewarding; people might die left and right, but you just stand there like a Teflon Bishop, DPSing even as others scramble for the portals. As Algalon prepares an attack normally survivable only by Iceblocking mages and cooldown-burning tanks, you smirk. In comes this huge blast, as you disperse into shadows. “Did a fly just fart?” Before Algalon can retaliate, mean people with plate armor grabs his attention as you continue your shadowy assault.

This fight is awesome.

And, to top it all off I won the quest item to hand in the Reply Code Alpha in Dalaran (rewarding, and as much as I wanted to do it just once because it’s a cool thing to do, the ring from the quest will be a more than welcome addition to my arsenal) and urged on my guildies to come and watch.

But before handing it in, the rest of the evening would be spent on Yogg-Saron+1 attempts, leaving 3 watchers at the ringside, slugging it out with the Old God with only Thorim to finish off the Immortal Guardians. We took a few hours on that, but eventually managed to down him too.

That means two Unity-firsts in an evening, and also means 25 more people with the snazzy “Astral Walker” title. General elation ensued, and the feeling that Ulduar is now truly and well settled. We will run the hardmodes and Algalon for some time more (we still want our Protodrakes for Glory of the Ulduar raider, and not everyone got through all the hardmodes yet) to get more people a look at these awesome fights.

With the Trial of the Grand Crusader within grasp (only need Anub’Arak) it is almost feeling like the close of the last chapter of “The Two Towers”. I still have vague memories of the first book (Naxxramas, Sartharion) and my mind is still wrapped around the rhythm of this book (Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader), but my thoughts are already straying towards the last book. Here it all comes to a close – Icecrown Citadel.

Before the Cataclysm hits, I will be devouring every page, riveted until the end.

P.s. Checking our realm list, it seems we have the realm’s 2nd kill on both, just behind Damnation, which is the realm’s #1 raiding guild. *glows internally*


4 Responses to “Astral Walker and nearly alone in the darkness”

  1. Astral Walker… so jealous right now :(

    • It’s actually funny that this is an achievement where we as Shadowpriests have the biggest bonus and the least disruption. Unless you’re set to chase stars around, all you have to do is DPS, stay out of void zones/star AoE and Disperse before Big Bang.

      While awesome, it is for us one of the technically more boring fights.
      Still, it was a surprise we got it done – had been wiping for weeks on him.

      Keep at it, I am sure you will get it! (Or the 10man version, Starcaller, which is the more cool title of the two)

      • I have Starcaller, but convincing our raid leader to return to Ulduar 25 often enough to complete 25 Algalon seems impossible. Getting through Firefight 25 seems impossible.

        Completely offtopic we did convince the guild to return to Ulduar the other day and spent quite a lot of time earning the Razorscale achievement where you let Razor breathe all over the Iron Dwarf guardians. We failed the first few times – either our combined DPS would kill em, or not enough. Our raid leader started assigning single DPS to each guardian to burn them down to 20k health, not less, not more: first the mages, then the rogues, then… me. A bunch of concerned guildies spoke up over vent “ummm I don’t think a dot class would be the best…” but my RL overrode them and let me keep my assignment.

        And every single time my target died to Razor’s flame breath.

        I also MCed all the guardians who didn’t die but were left with 1 or 2 percent health in order to heal them up before the next breath (that would be because the Mages kept getting themselves killed, thus no polymorph which also works)

        Makes me so grateful to be playing with a raid that trusts me to contribute – and do my job, no matter what I’m assigned!

        And yes, I love soaking up Big Bang with Dispersion, too. I was a bit sad the first week I couldn’t make it and they used Shield Wall or something instead.

        Told you it was completely offtopic!

        • There’s a benefit to slow, semi-controllable damage. Especially devouring plague is good for that; should the target be at the desired health, simply toss it on the next target and it will be removed from the first target.

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