Nevermelting shards of doom I say!

Just a short post as an intermezzo about an interesting trinket mentioned at MMO-Champion: Nevermelting Ice Crystals. The reason for this is because of the current wording on the tooltip.

“Equip: Increases spell power by 111.
Use: Increases your critical strike rating by 920 for 20 sec. Every time one of your non-periodic spells deals a critical strike, the bonus is reduced by 184 critical strike rating. (3 Min Cooldown)”

What this would suggest, if you take the wording literally, is that this ability gives you 920 critical strike rating (about 30%) for 20 seconds, reducing it by 184 but not for our VT, SW:P and DP tick crits. There were more abilities that are worded this way, such as the Mage’s Combustion ability.

Why is this important?

Say that you macro this trinket in with your  Devouring Plague and that by doing so you get a 50% crit (a little low but it is to illustrate a point). The result will be the following:

Cast VE while tank gets aggro and you run into position
Vampiric TouchMind Blast
Mind Flay (To get 5 stacks of Shadow weaving)
Shadow Word: Pain
Devouring Plague (Trinket activates)

What happens now is that the trinket activates, and for the next 20 seconds you get that lovely 30% crit bonus on VT, SW:P and DP. Since in that time you will cast maybe 2 MB, 4 MF and a SW:D (more with haste, of course) you will see your crit go down, but the largest part of that crit bonus keeps applying to your DoTs for most of the time.

This is what we call a double-edged sword: Either the trinket will allow us to roll a massive string of crits (expending itself in the process) or we will crit not or only a little, during which time the crit bonus will continue to apply to our DoTs. And no matter what, our DoTs critting will not impact the trinket’s bonus. Win-win!


Seriously though, that will require a lot of theorycrafting. But with a 3-minute cooldown, tying it into your Devouring Plague will keep it up as much as possible. Don’t tie it to (for instance) SW:P, because the longer you keep it rolling, the less chance the trinket will be activated again, which means you are being penalized for being a good player.

I will have to see exactly how much use it is, and how the theorycrafting works, but I think I may finally have found a replacement for the Sundial of the Exiled, since the Illustration of the Dragon Soul never drops for me. With a base 34% crit chance today, I would get 64%+ crit when this trinket whirrs up. Let alone…after raid buffs!

Pssst. Mister Arcane Mage, need a target for your Focus Magic? [links trinket]

P.S. You may wonder why I would go through an entire start-up line of spells before activating the trinket with a DP at the end (traditional lineups would also put up the DP sooner). First off, you need 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving to make SW:P do its work properly, and Mind Flay, Mind Blast and a Shadow:Word Death are quick ways of doing it. However, if the trinket is active before then, this is likely to eat up a large portion of the crit bonus, which I want to save for the DoTs.

Also, you will pull aggro this way if you pop it so early in the pull. Your tanks will have your hides.

P.P.S How long do you want to wager we can use it before it will be nerfed? If it even comes off the PTR this way?


8 Responses to “Nevermelting shards of doom I say!”

  1. I probably wouldn’t macro it for anything and save it for burn/target swapping times. It would be kind of bad to activate it 10s before Impaler dies :)

    • Well, I have a tendency to forget using my “use” trinkets while balancing cooldowns and uptimes, so it might help that out. In my personal case the 1 or 2 times it would go off at the wrong time offsets the 8-9 times I would forget to use it at all. ^_^

  2. Weatherlight Says:

    Looks… Yummi!!!

    One thing about your strating line-up though: VE will now (come 3.3) be a 30 self-buff. no longer an “opener cast while positioning”. Hope the tanks don’t start hating me! :D

    As for your wager I couldtake it on. The trinket is like a blessing for us, Shadow-priest (and aff warlocks), other classes, that have a much higher crit % already anyway, will burn through it pretty fast I’d guess. And it’s a long way until shadowpriests become overpowered by a trinket alone.

  3. Hmmm didn’t realise this trinket dropped in a heroic instance that I’m just about to do (waiting on the loading screen).

    I definately want it (to replace Sundial of the Exiled) and my thoughts are this:

    Open with VT/MFx2/DP + Macro
    Cast SW:P (to boost it with the crit bonus at its maximum)

    Continue casting as per usual.

    I definately do think this favours Shadow Priests as Mind Blast (and I believe Mind Flay also counts as 3 separate spells, not 1 spell with a periodic effect) and Mind Flay are our only direct damage spells.

    Classes like a Ele Shaman that cast quick direct damage spells (lightning bolt, lava burst, all very fast) would benefit the least I imagine.

    Now I just hope it drops!

  4. Hmm just though about what I wrote and I really hope that Mind Flay doesn’t count as 3 spells each reducing the crit bonus :( Two casts in a row essentially removes the trinket effect.

    • Well, we might be in a bind there. It says “non-periodic critical strikes”, and Mind Flay has inherited the wonky mechanics from Arcane Missiles. So if it goes for one, it goes for the other.

      Let’s see if the Mage forums speak out on this…

      When you look at the description of the spell at the top, it does say “periodic trigger”, so it being channeled may save us from Flaying our bonus of…it’s still inconclusive. But, considering it drops in a heroic, it is easy enough to get and test.

      • Ephemeral Snowflake

        “The Ephemeral Snowflake now has a tiny internal cooldown to keep it from being overpowered on spells such as Vampiric Embrance (when dotting multiple targets) and Wild Growth. It will still return mana as expected in most cases.”

        We knew this was happening – but we still have a good laugh with it.

  5. Priestlylives Says:

    Now how can you say this is one for my please if the people in blizzard love me arrange this to drop and my roll win. God I would love this. imagine all those crits popping off. Wow. It will replace my Sundial as well.

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