Did hell just freeze over?

We scoffed when Blizzard stated that SW:P would not be affected by Haste due to our DPS being fine. We laughed as we remembered the calculations giving us about 10%-15% increase in DPS. We stood and watched as Boomkins, Paladins and Death Knights rode the 8K DPS train while we were waiting at 5K station. But now? Now we burn in hell.

Yesterday Unity ran Ulduar to get more people some drakes. Some hard modes, but I joined mostly to help my friends. I hardly had gotten used to reapplying my DoTs this fast, and I was rather messy at it. I will improve with time. But then the numbers hit me: 8K on Vezax. I was salved twice on that fight. I usually managed about 5K. And the rest of the run was like that too. Never before was I hit with the elation of hitting 1oK on Freya trash.

I was not only keeping up with the others with my sub-par “rotations” and fumbling with my Hasted DoTs, I was beating them. And it wasn’t me, some of the healers went to Shadow on easy fights and they had similar numbers. On Yogg-Saron two Shadowpriests led the pack by an arm’s length. I felt like a freight train.

Imagine going to sleep with an itch at the back of your neck and adrenalin in your brain – that was me yesterday. The guilty pleasure of Shadowpriests finally being with the pack instead of mopping up behind them. Full Saronite Shadowpriest coming through!

But there´s this little itching, this cautionary whisper in my mind. Somehow I feel we will get nerfed for this. I cross my fingers this fun´s meant to last…

How are you guys doing? Getting used to the Haste yet?


12 Responses to “Did hell just freeze over?”

  1. As a side note, I have seen mana consumption rise a bit, but not alarmingly. I am considering dropping either Improved VE and putting them into Improved Spirit Tap (DPS + Mana); or dropping Focused Mind and spending 3 points on Inner Focus and Improved Spirit Tap.

  2. At the beginning it was pretty hard not to forget to reapply DP and VT, but now one week later I think it’s not a problem for me anymore .. you get used to it pretty fast

  3. I’m running with 0/3 focused mind, 3/3 imp. ST, inner focus and 2/2 imp. VE atm. Only time I’ve felt mana problems was XT hardmode. You’ll likely gain more regen from focused mind than from spirit tap but spirit tap will give quite decent boost to DPS.

    As for DPS I too happened to do U10 hardmode run last night and rocked hardcore on pretty much every boss even with non-existing caster buffs (focus magic and spellpower totem from resto shaman). It was awesome :)

  4. @Lishy

    I am going to configure an addon called Power Auras for that – I forget VE a lot, and configuring it to show a warning if Inner Focus and VE are not buffed will help me get by until muscle memory takes over.


    I am not sure if Focused Mind really is more mana regen anymore since they buffed Glyph of Shadow to 30%. I am unfamiliar with the maths on this point, but given sufficient raid-buffed crit it might actually come ahead slightly.

    But yes, even if it didn’t it offers DPS, and some mana efficiency can be gained by using Inner Focus on DP or MB.

  5. So far i’m enjoying my week old 80 Shadow Priest and having fun and with the buffs from 3.3. I only got him to 80 a day or so before the patch so cant say exactly how much different it really used to be before.

    I don’t have a problem keeping up VE or Inner Focus or remembering to do so. I’ve usually played a tank class before so having to remember to make sure my buffs and aura are in place or buffed is a trained habbit. As well when i buff buff up VE and Inner Focus.

    But so far i’m enjoying my Shadow as always. Enjoy the blog as well.

  6. Hmmm it’s way too soon for me to measure how I’m performing.

    I’ve been running without Recount mostly since patch hit in raids to try and bring down my latency (which has been off the charts). And the one time I had Recount switched on was for Twin Valk heroic and some Anub attempts. In both situations I’d say that my personal DPS has increased somewhat, but my place on the meters seems about the same – somewhere in the middle of most of the casters and enhance shaman with rogues/hunters/dk and (sometimes mages) shooting ahead.

    I’d really love to go back and get an opportunity to do a full ToC run to get a sense of how I’m performing.

    Contemplating trying 0/3 Focused Mind and picking up 5/5 Spirit Tap + Imp Spirit Tap. What do you guys think? Worth it?

    • A good way to test it with little latency is (if you’ve done dummy dps tests before) to do it again in Darnassus (few people, little lag). Get a feel for what DPS you are doing.

      Before the patch I did about 3.8K on a dummy (self-buffed), 4.3K in a 10man and 4.5-47k in a 25man. As I am easily hitting 5K now, I can see a marked improvement in the 25man raids, but would have to test on dummies again and 10mans to get a feel for the “DPS composition”.

      Getting 2/2 Improved Spirit Tap seems very worth it; the discussion is whether to sacrifice Focused Mind (Mana) or Improved VE (Raid Utility). I kinda like my VE though…

  7. Priestlylives Says:

    I have spent a long time running my Priest in arena’s. I come out and go back to Shadow spec. I have been in top 5 of the big BG’s *wintergrasp, arathi basin, alterac valley, eye of the storm* and many times tops in total dmg done. I love that.

    In instances they range from 2100 in some to the two nights we did CoS I hit over 4600.

    last night we did the raid weekly quest of Patchwerk and I was around 3800 dps in 10 man buffs. I love the fact I never went below 3k in mana loss due to buffs.

    haste hasnt affected me much just takes the muscle memory. I have the addon*no idea came with the custom UI I loaded* that pops the pic big on the screen when your cd’s cool off. I hate fact usually MB cooks off when in last tick or so of MF. VT does some wonders. I love it. MF keeps SWP up the entire fight which rocks as well.

  8. Shadow dps is quite fun now. Much more to do and it really is competitive!

    Also in terms of Imp Spirit tap, I personally have been using it the whole patch now and am loving it. Spirit is a real spellpower increase and it does add to your oomph.

    I did find the glyph of SW:P helpful as mana can be an issue, especially if we are multi-dotting. Also, if I had to drop talents anywhere I’d probably drop out of Focused mind as we do have 2 really good, short CD mana returns.

  9. Im finding 5 mans a complete pain in the arse, maybe Im doing wrong but fights dont last long enough for me to make any kind of impact. Perhaps I should go back and look at how I approach shorter fights.

    • Well, when I know my tank can handle it I dot up his target, Fade, and Mind Sear trash packs. Boss fights still last around a minute or so, which is enough to show your worth.

      Even then, you will find that your opportunities in dealing damage are lower; so a more haste-heavy set (short fights, mana not an issue) might help make you feel better in heroics.

      Fortunately heroics are so short (judging by your saying that the fights last too short) that your lessened impact does not matter. I always like to impress my (usually Paladin) healers by using Hymn of Hope when their mana starts going lower, or using Hymn of Salvation (Sp? Our AoE channeled heal on cooldown?) when there’s a lot of damage all over the place.

  10. I’m having a blast spriest’ing since 3.3 hit. It didn’t take more then the first hour or so of the ICC 25m on patch day, before I got used to the sharper rotation. Still need some loving on opening sequence, but hell we are doing well now!

    I’m doing an Ulduar 10m hm run tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see how we are in there. Especially after your feedback.

    Shadowpriests have been pressured into playing really really well in Wrath, otherwise we wouldn’t even have reached the 5K stop, especially in tier9. Now it pays off. A bad spriest will do okay’ish, where a good one will shine! And we do shine \m/

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