Goodies for shades – ICC10

Now that the wings are being released in full swing (after a slight holiday delay) it is time to make a short list on the goodies that we can recover from the putrid corpses of our newest foes. This entry will focus on the items currently available from ICC10’s first two wings.

Lord Marrowgar

Cord of the Patronizing Practicioner – A good base item unless you had the crafted belt or a 25man belt. It features a lot of haste (which we like) and generous sockets. While the socket bonus is nice, it’s not something we would really tailor for (24 spellpower, 10 haste and 10 spirit is less than 2x 23 spellpower).

Sliver of Pure Ice – Not a good item for us; the spellpower is nice but we don’t really have mana issues. Rather I think this tailors to freshly geared Druid or Priest healers who could still use a boost now and then until they pick up better trinkets.

Lady Deathwhisper

Bracers of Dark Blessings – Good healing priest bracers, but it’s not really what we want. Too much spirit, leave it for the Druids and Priests.

Scourgelord’s Baton – When you still need to maintain the hit cap but got too many good pieces without Hit, this might fit the bill. It’s otherwise quite similar to the Chalice from TotC. Nice fallback, but advanced shades will have better.

Sister’s Handshrouds – This is a better deal; while still being very generous with Hit (which we usually have plenty) it does offer 2 yellow slots with a Haste bonus. Provided you did not go for the Tier10 gloves yet, this will offer a whopping 31 spellpower and 20 haste. If you just switched from Crit to Haste, this will be a godsend.

Gunship Battle

Muradin’s Spyglass – Only one good item, but what a whipper! Basically Broodmother’s Eye version 2.0. Doesn’t proc on healing, but it goes way and beyond on damage.


Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff – I personally don’t like staves because they allow for less mix and match with offhands, but this staff made me think. Whallops of Intellect and Haste, and sockets. If only the sockets weren’t blue and there was not so much Spirit on it. Either way, this item is actually pretty decent when slotted with Runed Cardinal Rubies.

Soulcleave Pendant – When checking this item with, say, Wail of the Val’Kyr you will see that this is a good upgrade unless you already had the Heroic version. Crit and Haste on a single item is what we will be looking at, even if it would mean missing out on a tiny bit of spellpower.

Icecrown Spire Sandals – Another of the “starting bits” which will greatly help a fresher Shadowpriest in gearing up quickly, yet good enough that the rest of us might get it to fill out our gear once we can get rid of some Hit (again). Not too special otherwise.

Thaumaturge’s Crackling Cowl – If the last upgrade you had was the Onyxia headpiece (like me for instance) this item may seem great. But, never forget that the T10 headpiece is way better itemized and should probably be your 1st or 2nd buy (I got the shoulders first and made a Merlin’s robe to get rid of my last piece of T8). You might want to leave this to the Holy priests unless you are really running out of options.


Kilt of Untreated Wounds – Oh lordy me, be still my beating heart. Most Shades I know have bought the T9 legs (25man), so let’s compare, shall we? More of everything, yellow sockets and a spellpower socket bonus. Wants!

Abracadaver – Cool name? Check. No spirit but a lot of Haste? Check. But what about that proc? Well it has a chance of summoning a little skeleton which melees or casts spells at your current target. So far it’s rumored to deal about 50-200 damage a strike, so it’s not a real DPS increase I think. Considering that there are better weapons to be had, it feels a bit more like a novelty.


Ether-soaked Bracers – Not the most stunning items I have seen so far. Lots of hit, no sockets. Probably a bit better than most ToC bracers, but again this seems like a piece designed for Shades playing “catchup”.

Gloves of Broken Fingers – Again more a healer item, but something to play with if you switched from healing to Shadow. The fact that it lacks Hit might help to itemize it better for you if you had too much of it.

Lockjaw – Basic Haste/MP5 mace. Again mostly a healer item in how it is itemized. Then again, considering the lack of proper spellcaster maces in ToC, this comparison shows what you can gain from it: See here. In most cases it will be an upgrade to non-heroic caster weapons.

Professor Putricide

Cauterized Cord – Yes, we have a winner. This is a very good belt featuring Crit and Haste, a yellow and a red socket, and a +7 spellpower socket bonus. With this belt, you will most likely be set until Sindrigosa, I bet.

Shoulders of Ruinous Senility – As you can see here, these shoulders beat the normal Crimson Acolyte shoulders if you don’t need it for the set bonus. The extra socket has you covered. However, since the shoulders are one of the cheaper pieces (along with the hands), it is a quicker way to access the 2-piece bonus. As such, these shoulders are great to pick up when saving badges for your shoulders while wearing the gloves.


So far the loot recap from the first 7 bosses of Icecrown. This post will be updated when more wings are opened up. I will also make a post with the 25man loot. For now, I will leave the Heroic loot out of it, because the hard part will not be deciding what to get, but how to get it. ^_^

In my opinion, if you could choose only one piece of gear from each wing, go with the Spyglass from Gunship Battle, and run off with the Kilt of Untreated Wounds. Similar belts can be gained from crafting, but these beat out the T9 ones hand over foot.

Blood Council

Bloodsoul Raiment – A quick comparison with the T10 pieces and the widely available Merlin’s Robe shows that this robe has a lot to like in 10man. You will get a lot of haste, and the socket combination of red and yellow means that you have an easy winner. It also features a lot of spellpower. If your T10 robe is  long way from now, I suggest picking this piece up.

Cerise Coiled Ring – I am a sucker for items that combine Haste and Crit, and with a red socket you will be able to double-dip with a red gem and a 5 spellpower socket bonus.

Heartsick Mender’s Cape – A good Haste cape with a red socket. The Mp5 is a bit unnecessary, but it is a good contender even with Heroic ToC cloaks. The big downside (why I would suggest passing it unto the healers unless the straight spellpower and haste is a massive upgrade) is that the socket bonus is 2Mp5.  That’s…disconcerting.

Pale Corpse Boots – Crit, yellow and blue slot. These boots do not really play into our strengths much, I would suggest it only if you are a new Shade gearing from normal ToC10 up – it’s not bad, just not good in any way.

Wand of Ruby Claret – You will find that being Hit Capped is pretty hard in ICC when the really good gear starts dropping. This item features Hit and Haste, which will allow you to use it “in between hit caps” so to say, when your new gear is great but would drop your Hit Cap. And a wand slot is excellent to sacrifice some crit/haste to get Hit instead.

Blood Queen Lana’thel

Cowl of Malefic Repose – The vampire theme is cool, and it has a good combo of Crit/Haste/Spellpower. Its blue socket (like the T10 helm) means that you can already socket 1 blue gem for your meta, and get its sweet 9 Spellpower socket bonus. Did I mention the vampire hood theme totally fits our style? Damn mages…

Lana’thel’s Bloody Nail – Good wand with Crit, but likely a wand with Hit or Haste will be better in the long run. Its generous amount of Spirit screams Healer to me, as well.

Valithria Dreamwalker

Leggings of the Refracted Mind – Decent leggings, despite being Spirit/Crit in nature.  However, the Kilt of Untreated Wounds is so much better, that you’d likely go for those (or the crafted pants).

Lich Wrappings – Very good cloak to stay hit-capped, as it has the Haste we need, and a yellow socket. If you find that you have two great upgrades that would make you sink below the Hit Cap, socket in a yellow +Hit gem, and you will have covered all the bases.

Sister Svalna’s Aether Staff – Well, it has good stats but it just isn’t me; especially with the latest changes to Nibelung (and the fact I see buxom Val’kyr so often they can be used as reference point to my position in the Blood Queen fight) I would still go for that one instead.


Bleak Coldarra Carver – A very decent spellcaster dagger, which features Hit and is obviously designed to balance the Haste/Crit gear without hit. Like the Lich Wrappings, this is a good one to pick up if you need an upgrade and the Hit Cap will fall away with the next upgrade you get.

Robes of Azure Downfall – Another favorite Crit/Haste combo, and with red and yellow sockets not preventing you from getting the socket bonus. Considering this drops from a pretty tough 10man encounter though, and our benefits from T10, you might want to just go for the T10 robes instead. If you have access to a token to upgrade the T10 robe, you will find it eclipses this one.


3 Responses to “Goodies for shades – ICC10”

  1. If you have either lots of gold or lots of alts then I’d suggest getting the crafted pants instead. They are by far best in slot until 25-man hardmode stuff :)

    • True, but not everyone wants to shell out the money for (4?) primordial saronite, or spend the emblems on them yet. I know that for me personally the tier gear will come first, then a cloak or the like, before I even look at the crafted emblem gear.

      Getting the 10man legs requires only guild effort and dkp/rolls/(loot system of choice). Even if the crafted legs are better, it means you have a solid upgrade for which you can now take the time to save for.

      I know some people hold out on getting upgrades until their BiS items drop – while they do obscene damage at the end of the ride, I found that picking the smaller upgrades up for less means my damage rises more slowly, but also consistently. This way I never run out of upgrades, nor do I blow all my DKP for that single hot item everyone wants.

      By the way HoHo, my choice for initial T10 was shoulders and head (14 emblems left to go), since I got the Merlin’s Robe to replace my old T8 robe. Which pieces did/will you go for?

      • It’s 8 saronites actually and it took me “only” about 3 weeks of doing some daily randoms and weekly quests on 5 alts to get them. All the emblems on my priest go for the awesome tier gear :)

        As for tier stuff, I had ony25 helm+4pT9 with 245ilvl. I first got the crafted pants and T10 shoulders followed by helm in a couple of weeks. Breaking the 4pt9 wasn’t a big deal as pants alone were huge upgrade, especially as I was swimming in +hit. The T10 helm was roughly equal to ony one but set bonus made it a definite upgrade. I’m not sure if I’ll break 2pt9 for 3pt10 or not, probably that’ll depend on specific fights. I’ll likely get gloves next followed by chest.

        After that I’ll start spending emblems on stuff for other slots and possibly healing tier gear. I probably won’t get tier pants any time soon, if ever and will keep those crafted pants until we start killing things on heroic. The fact I’ll be keeping them for months is also the reason why they were one of the first items I got :)

        I’m not yet quite sure what kind of non-tier emblem stuff I’ll be getting. I got 25-man Saurfang back so I won’t be needing that. The +hit belt looks quite nice and could be something I get unless I happen to yet again get a ton of +hit stuff from somewhere.

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