Goodies for Shades – ICC25

In the second part of our little list of droolworthy masterpieces and junk best avoided, time to look at the drops from the first two wings one 25man Icecrown Citadel.

Lord Marrowgar

Bone Sentinel’s Amulet – As with a lot of what Marrowgar drops, it’s a good mix between healer and DPS items. This one’s again mostly healer-oriented, but it has a very decent amount of Haste. It’s socket bonus isnt worth gemming anything but a Runed Cardinal Ruby, however.

Crushing Coldwraith Belt – A very good belt, featuring Crit and Haste and a decent socket bonus. As you can see in this comparison, it’s a belt you will not even skip if you have the Heroic Cord of Biting Cold (Unless you need the Hit rating).

Frozen Bonespike – Yes, it has Spirit and no Haste. Even so, it has a good amount of Spellpower and Crit, making it an excellent weapon to use unless you have say, Heroic Misery’s End or one of the PvP spellcaster weapons of this season.

Loop of the Endless Labyrinth – Ring with socket, Crit and Hit. Assuming you picked up one of the items I mentioned, you will find your Hit slowly declining, and this ring can really make a difference here, combined with the rep ring from the Ashen Verdict. It will be heavily contested however, as Healadins, Discipline Priests and Shamans are all hungering for blood to get this one.

Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye – The other alternative, featuring Haste and a yellow socket (spellpower/haste gem) with a spellpower socket bonus. I would prefer this one over the previous ring, and we only have to contend with Healadins, Warlocks and Arcane Mages for this one.

Lady Deathwhisper

Nibelung – Awesomeness on a stick, but not for its stats, sadly. It’s a very decent staff, but features no Haste or Crit. Assuming you have enough of that already, it’s two sockets may fit the bill in pumping up your Spellpower. The proc will summon a Val’kyr to attack your current target – I believe she smites for about 1.5-2.5k damage, has 12k health or so and no protection from AoE damage. The proc chance was listed at about 2% or so, but without an internal cooldown you can actually spawn quite a few thanks to our many spells and DoTs.

Ring of Maddening Whispers – Discipline and Holy priests will want this first, along with our Druid healers who need Haste now that Gift of the Earthmother has been changed. It’s a very decent ring though – but like all the others, it’s not all that special. Most of these rings are 1 or 2 points better across the board, and then they added a socket.

Shoulders of Mercy Killing – If you did not pick up the T10 shoulders, these will serve you well thanks to their Haste and having 2 sockets to fill. I think that it severely beats out Velen’s Mantle, even the Heroic version.

The Lady’s Brittle Bracers – When compared to the craftable wrists (which are by no means bad) these will make you very happy. It does feature Hit and Crit instead of Haste, but it will make up for the pieces you took with no Crit and Hit instead – three items improving 2 stats greatly instead of waiting for 1 item to improve everything.

Gunship Battle

Ring of Rapid Ascent – Yes, another ring. Well, since this one has Crit and Haste at once, it’s a very good contender. Mind you that with a blue socket, it will probably be less exciting than some of the others, but it adds another ring to the list to choose from.

Amulet of Silent Eulogy – This one’s for us and the Arcane Mages – Haste, yellow socket with Spellpower socket bonus and Hit. I think that if you rapidly upgrade to many pieces without Hit, and are just starting replacing Crit with Haste, this is a damn good start.

Gunship Captain’s Mitts –  These are very good gloves indeed, featuring all we need. I know many of us will have neglected our Gloves for a while in the upgrading process, but this one will set you straight in one go.

Corp’rethar Ceremonial Crown – While very good for us, the stats on this one are balanced towards Crit and Spirit, which indicates a healing role to me. Warlocks will probably like it as well (Demonology I believe, but I am not sure which spec likes it better). I would carefully advise to go for the T10 headpiece instead though, and let this one slide. You can always pick it up at a later time for dimes, since it drops in the easiest wing.

Deathbringer Saurfang

Conquereor’s Mark of Sanctification – Get it. You will need to turn this in along with a piece of T10 to get the 25man version. And it rocks. In the early days these will go for a lot – I got it on the cheap since most people didn’t yet fully realize how the system worked and did not realize how quickly emblems accumulate.

Greatcloak of the Turned Champion – If you need a cloak upgrade, get it. But beware – it is identical to the cloak you can get from badge vendors, so in the end you can also spend 50 emblems for it once you have the rest of your kit in order. The Spirit still does not sit too well with me (even with the improved benefits) so I will probably pass on this one myself.


Holiday’s Grace – Disc priests and Healadins will give me flak, no doubt, but I like this piece. Crit and huge amounts of Spellpower are very nice, and the MP5 on it will not hurt to give us a little boost for our mana-guzzling hasted rotations. However, Heroic Wail of the Val’kyr has a socket and is overall better. I would suggest passing it to a healadin though – this plays in their hand very well.

Lingering Illness – The spellpower is nice, but I don’t really like this belt. Can’t put my finger on it, but the combination of Crit and Spirit feels so out of place for us nowadays. Also, it has only 1 socket.

Plague Scientist’s Boots – Nom! This is a very good piece, Crit and Haste again. However, it also features no Hit, so you may really start to run out. ^_^ Always make sure to give it a good balance, because you still have be hit capped in raids. I always round up how much hit I lost in terms of “how many yellow Hit gems would I need to be hit capped” and see if the item is still an upgrade. But don’t be afraid to pick up pieces now as an upgrade for later – especially if it will get sharded otherwise.

Plaguebringer’s Stained Pants – And here we have Hit, again. I noticed that the pieces dropping all over ICC are very well balanced for several specs, and one boss’ drops costing you hit can be regained with the next boss’ goodies.


Corpse-impaling Spike – Hey, a wand. Did we have those? We sure did. And our last BiS wand was the Rod/Scepter of Imprisoned Souls from 10man hard mode ICC. This one is better, much better.

Death Surgeon’s Sleeves – Not a very exciting item, but some could use the upgrades. There are much better ones to get though, with less effort.

Dislodged Foreign Object – Why hello there! Is that haste? And a spellpower proc? This is a very nice trinket indeed. People on WoWHead estimated it to be worth in the 200-260 spellpower worth range, but its passive Haste alone makes for a great increase in Haste (almost 5%). I am hoping to combine this one with Muradin’s Spyglass so that I have passive Crit and Haste bonuses, and spellpower stacking all around me. Whee!

Trauma – No. You no touchy. This is a healer item. Dont even think about bringing up VE procs or the PvP uses.

Professor Putricide

Well, besides the Conqueror’s Mark there does not seem to be anything interesting for us on this boss. Of course, he might be dropping stuff that is not recorded yet…


I will amend this list when new wings and bosses show up, just like with the 10man list. So far it seems that the first bosses are dropping catchup items and minor upgrades to Heroic items. I do say that a lot of it looks very good. I was hoping for more out of the Procs though, the Val’kyr and Cadavers are not really awesome after the first few times you’ve seen them, and their contribution to your DPS is debatable.

Blood Council

Incarnadine Band of Mending – Well, the name says it: mostly a healer item. There are better rings for us, take heart.

San’layn Ritualist Gloves – Generous amounts of Haste, so if you expect to be Hit Capped this will serve you well until your upgraded T10 gloves or the badge gloves. It is slightly marred by its blue socket, but if you have been outrolled or outbid on other gloves, these are nice for a short while…

Shadow Silk Spindle – Yes! A damn good offhand, with Crit and Haste. Check this comparison for why I am having an evilgasm. You might lose the hit and socket, but the pure crit, haste and spellpower make up for that in the long run. When this baby drops, my DKP will be flying!

Valanar’s Other Signet Ring – This is actually a nice ring, with a socket, Hit and Haste. Like the wand from Blood Council, it seems this phase of raid loot (2nd wing) seems to try and mitigate the loss of Hit from the gear in the first wing. A good companion to the Ashen Verdict rep ring.

Blood Queen Lana’Thel

Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker – With a socket bonus of 5 Spellpower, yellow socket, and a combination of Haste and Crit, I think I like the Blood Queen’s taste in jewellery. This is another one of those items (like the crimson spindle) where you can get massive upgrades, and even decent ones if you have Heroic ToC gear.

Dying Light – Look, I know it has Haste and Sockets, but I am just not into it. At least Nibelung makes sure I have scantily clad companionship while downing bosses. This one? Boring, and somewhat underwhelming. Healers might dig it big time, however.

Valithria Dreamwalker

Frostbinder’s Shredded Cape – Got Hit Cap? Good, have a cloak. Seriously, when you have Haste/Crit and socket, you are begging to be bid on hard when the dust settles on this (pretty interesting) encounter.

Nightmare Ender – Wand with Spirit and Crit; considering we like our Haste better and our Healers are probably watching this on WoWHead while drooling, best to leave it for them. Do remind them to let you have the Hit/Haste or Haste/Crit wand in return. :)

Robe of the Waking Nightmare – This one isn’t it for us – awkward socketing, large amount of Crit. I suggest going for one of the many other robes available out there.


Memory of Malygos – Good ring, Haste and a socket. Not exciting, since you’ve seen quite a few rings pass by now, but this one will be a good contender to accompany your Exalted ring.

Phylactery of the Nameless Lich – *shoves warlocks aside* Mine! Mine! Crit bonus, sure. But chance to gain spellpower on DoT ticks? How much Spellpower? This baby will be up for as long as its internal cooldown allows, so it is best bang for the buck I can imagine. This and the 10man Muradin’s Spyglass will have you set for heroic ICC.

Sundial of Eternal Dusk – Haste and spellpower in an offhand is somewhat rare, and even though it has Spirit it will be a really good item when matched with, say, a Crit dagger. Still, I’d go for the Shadow Silk Spindle from the Blood Council which may be a lot easier to get.


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