Icecrown bosses and you – small tips

Hello again! It’s about time for a few (perhaps obvious) pointers where we as Shadowpriests can get an advantage in the fights that await us in the frigid citadel of Icecrown. You will find many quite interesting fights, some of which are based on previous experiences in Naxxramas.

Lord Marrowgar

It is hard, perhaps impossible to avoid his whirlwind completely. Running away blindly can also cause your dots to fall off, which is quite a loss in DPS. Try to keep your dots on him as he spins away from you (dodge the flames!) and make sure to fade just as he comes to a standstill. He will reset aggro, and your ticking dots might push him over the edge. Doing this will greatly help in maximizing your dps.

Another thing is that it helps to use a macro as follows, to quickly target the bonespikes:

/target Bone Spike
/cast Mind Flay

Lady Deathwhisper

The adds here are a major pain, be sure to dot up the Fanatics as much as you can. Be sure to watch for a buff on them that resembles the rogue’s Cloak of Shadows icon, which means they reflect spells back at you. I found that it was not hard to keep dots on the boss and the adds alike.

In the chaos of the fight at the 3rd phase, it is possible that you miss ghosts being spawned close to you. A good tip is to keep moving around, so that they are drawn out of any group/player/special effect that might obscure them. Also remember to fade the moment a tank takes 2 or 3 stacks of Touch of Insignificance – this means their aggro is down in the dumps and you want to avoid being the unfortunate victim of a taunt mishap.


Also known as Loatheb 2.0, this boss fight revolves around getting the innoculated buff fromt he spores he spawns so that you can survive the big AoE he casts every 3 inhales. Fact of the matter is that your DPS and self-healing will be enough to allow you to survive the gas cloud’s damage, and using Dispersion you can survive the big AoE even without any stacks of Innoculated.

Be sure to have your raid leader place you in the tank group for some minor tank healing – the AoE hits them as well, and with the hard hits from the boss your healing might greatly reduce the strain on healers. While it is a small contribution (at 5K dps about 250 healing per second) this can still have an impact when you are close to the gear and skill requirements.

Rotface (Heigan + Grobbulus)

Getting the slimes to the offtank when you have a disease should be handled like a bombing run. If there’s no big slime already, hover just behind the offtank and wait for a second slime to spawn – Dispersion can help to overcome moments when the healers are overwhelmed. If there is a big slime, be sure to stay just to its side (to avoid its slime spray). You can help by using Abolish Disease on yourself and release your little slime to merge with the big slime.

Be patient! Many people run back in too quickly if there are two small slimes, assuming they will merge immediately. Fact of the matter is that it can take a few second for them to actually form a big slime, and you do not want to drag a little slime (or gods forbid a big one) into the raid.

When Rotface explodes a big slime, stay with the boss until the cast bar of the big slime is almost done (or when your raid leader tells you). Run away then, shield yourself and stay at maximum casting range – keep your dots up. When running back in is a good time for a quick SW:D. Timing is everything on this fight, but it is no DPS race. Keep your head cool and your ass alive.

Blood Council (Highlord Maulgar 2.0)

You may be called upon to tank Keleseth here, unless you have a third tank available. Warlocks also do a good job, usually thanks to Soul Link, Siphon Life and a Voidwalker minion. However, they are not far ahead of us in survivability, if you play your cards right.

Get a PvP set (you can re-use it on Val’kyr hardmode as well if you are a soaker there) and try to get around 30k health (which is entirely possible). Your aim here is survivability, not DPS. When the fight starts, start full DPS on Keleseth (he will not show a full health bar, this is normal, each of the council gets empowered in turn).

Dark Nucleus (plural: nucleii) will spawn, which look like purple clouds. Use a Devouring Plague to pull them to you. The reason for this is that they will lose health gradually, but you still need to pick them up. Using DP you can keep it on until you get aggro (it will latch a tentacle on to you) and then put it on Keleseth to remove the dot from the Nucleus, minimizing its damage.

Each Nucleus reduces Shadow Damage taken, and this is key. Once Keleseth is empowered, his health bar will be shown, and he uses an Empowered Shadowlance-effect, which will deal 70-80k damage. Each Nucleus reduces this by about 35% (no idea if this is additive or multiplicative, probably the latter) – which means that with you can actually survive it. Do not be afraid to cast Dispersion halfway his cast and mitigate more damage.

One note when you are the Keleseth tank: never, ever Fade. If you do, you will lose all the Dark Nuclei you gathered, and Keleseth’s next hit will likely kill you. Also do not be afraid to call out for extra healing, be marked and put on the tank list (for ORA users) – you will need it to survive.


One Response to “Icecrown bosses and you – small tips”

  1. Weatherlight - Runetotem EU Says:

    Nice tips.

    The Blood council one is very interesting to me because I suspect I will be the Tank. Either me or my lock partner from Saurfang (“Me Flays, She Kills”).

    We are stuck on Rotface, those last 30% are killers with the neverending flowing of oozes. We usualy use a pally tank for the kiting and normally I end up doing the dispelling with him, the healers have too much on their hands as it is. So my extra tip is: keep an eye out for the infected one and cleanse at the right time. The healers will love you if you do it right. and it’s not too hard as the infected person will be marked.

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