The king is dead, long live the…wait, what loot did he drop?

Your raid has trudged through countless undead hordes, chased by Alliance or Horde bastards, listened to incessant ranting from an undead priestess, cried tears of joy when Professor Putricide stopped peppering you with stinging, icky slimes and your healers are nursing advanced RSI due to the Valithria encounter.

And then the Lich King dies. The last stop before your casual ICC runs turn into a Heroic mode wipefest. Better stock up, because mister King himself has some corrupted weapons in his arsenal he is obliged to share with you…”from his cold, dead hands!”

Each of these weapons seems to have a place in the lore, Arthas’ history, and it feels like the memento cache of some demented serial killer (hmmm.) who sometimes is still emotionally bound to relive those lost and forgotten moments. As such, the weapons are corroded, corrupted and malformed compared to their original appearance.

10man weapons

On the 10man, the Lich King drops three interesting weapons for us:

Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love

I don’t see any reason to say no to a staff with good Sta/Int, Spellpower/Haste/Crit and two sockets of which none is blue. Calculate well though, because other than its Sta/Int, the stats are easily higher than most mainhand/offhand combos available. If you have to choose between the dagger and the staff, I would go for the staff myself.

Lore-wise, it seems most obvious that this was the staff of Jaina Proudmoore, corrupted by Arthas’ callous treatment of their relationship.

Tel’thas, Dagger of the Blood King

This is one of the best possible main-hand combos, with Crit/Haste and no wasted item budget. In the lore, I would think this dagger belonged to Kael’thas, used and betrayed by Arthas – and the Lich King’s great success in causing chaos and strife.

Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer

MP/5 and Crit alone do not a good mace make – Paladins will love it though, especially since this mace hearkens back to Uther the Lightbringer, who makes a cameo appearance in the Halls of Reflection.

25man weapons

Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas

Actually a very good staff for us, despite the spirit, due to having 2 red sockets. However, its lack of Haste makes it less preferable to, say, Halion.

This staff once belonged to Antonidas, Archmage and force of authority in Dalaran, killed by Arthas to gain access to the Book of Medivh. This would lead him deeper into madness until the inevitable end.

Royal Scepter of Terenas II

As with Valius, this is primarily a healer item, and Paladins will swoon over it when it finally drops. This is the mace that belonged to Arthas’ father, murdered to cement his final fall into evil yet still within the reach of salvation. To most, the slaying of his father marked the end of Arthas that once was.


Your best bets for a good weapon upgrade will lie in the 10man, with the dagger and staff, or the staff from the 25man. Then you get to repeat the entire process again, with the heroic modes. In my opinion, the weapons of the Lich King should represent the pinnacle of what you can attain in this expansion, and I am more inclined to go for the staff. Why? Because it is more likely to see your staff not replaced until you face the Lich King again.

See the comparison here. WoWHead’s making a bit of a mess though, and comparing items between 10 and 25mans is not helping.

With a main and offhand, while powerful, you will run the risk of having a heroic dagger and a normal-mode offhand, then having a staff. When you finally get your heroic offhand, you may find it is still not an upgrade to the staff. A bit of a logistic problem, really. You would have more spellpower and haste, but less crit/mana/hp.

So I think the best combination would be a heroic Tel’Thas/heroic Shadow Silk Spindle – second best Heroic Halion.

Edit: And I think Blizzard shared my opinions, so they decided to skew them ^_^


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