3.3.3 Profession ho-down

Now that WordPress is up and running again, time to stop slacking and start posting! Blizzard’s got a lot of goodies hidden in the bag for the last part of Wrath (because they probably want to get some things out of the way to give everyone a solid start when Cataclysm hits) and the next patch promised has some really interesting changes awaiting.

Profession changes

  • The cooldown on the Ebonweave, Moonshroud and Spellweave tailoring will be removed – this means quicker and easier cloth farming to get those epic outfits required to get your alts geared up for raids and high-level heroics quicker and cheaper.
  • Smelt Titansteel will have no cooldown anymore either – so your plate-wearing companions (and alts) will not have to prepare months in advance to have nice kit waiting at 80. I know my baby paladin’s chomping at the bit for that!
  • Glacial Bag will now have a 7 day cooldown. They wanted to drop the prices on the cloths, but without a cooldown this also means that 22-slot bags would suddenly be the standard issue for everyone. Hell, most alts would be swimming in them from day 1! To counter this, they added a cooldown which is still less than if you’d have had to wait for your cloth cooldowns.
  • Frozo the Renowned, a Gnome in Dalaran, will be selling the stuff he joined from his guildbank…errm, Blizzard made available I mean, and you pay for it in Frozen Orbs. He will sell Eternals, Crusader Orbs, Runed Orbs, and Frost Lotus to crafters who need them and have spent excessive time in the LFG tool. Also, tailors will find that he sells a very nice Frosty Carpet tailoring recipe!
  • The “Monsterbelly Appetite” fishing daily was changed to “Disarmed!”. It will still require you to fish up an arm but can now be done not far from Dalaran. This is good, since no one bothered to go down south all the way just to fish up one quest item…

Changes to craftable epics

  • In a few words – after 3.3.3, all Ulduar crafting recipes seem to have their Eternals and “common” mats (saronite, heavy borean leather, etc.) mostly cut out. All you’d need are the orbs, half of the current cost in “expensive” mats (titansteel, tailoring cloth, arctic fur) and you’re good to go! This keeps these recipes relatively attractive to fresh 80s, since the difference between them and the ToC patterns is usually only in the Crusader Orbs, really.

For Gnomeregan!

It seems that this patch (or 3.3.4) might see the start of the Gnomes moving to reconquer Gnomeregan. Enlist Gnomes, clear a (probably updated) dungeon and voila! Cataclysm will see happy Gnome (priests).

Trolls are not forgotten, it seems that they might be moving to gather enough support to reform their own kingdom. New Gurubashi anyone?

Dungeon Tool

  • As stated before, you will be able to queue for a random Battleground as well, and the first each day gives bonus honor. All PvP items which required marks will now require only honor to acquire. Maybe this will liven up the BGs a bit, and reduce botting.
  • The Vote-to-Kick option will no longer have a cooldown, meaning that AFK’ers, botters, /follow losers and other vermin will now have to fear the wrath of the dungeon group even after the first kick.
  • Also, seasonal bosses will from now on only be available through the Dungeon Tool. I am not sure why this is, but it will make groups to these quest mobs much easier!

Miscellaneous useful stuff

  • If you have an authenticator and logged in with it, the next time you log in, a field to input your authenticator code will be displayed below. This should severely increase the speed of logging in after a lag-DC (which happens all too frequently these days in ICC).
  • On the AH, right-clicking an item in inventory will put it in the auction frame. You can now also input stacks and stack size (mimicking the useful feature from Auctioneer).

One Response to “3.3.3 Profession ho-down”

  1. Want lighter Authenticator input screen or a backlit Authenticator.

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