Natarumah as a raid boss

This shared topic on the Twisted Nether unfortunately shot straight passed me as I was still embroiled in my faillure to access and post properly on WordPress. However, I find it endlessly intrigueing and have often wondered myself how I would portray myself if I were a raid boss. Well then, last but not least (I hope) my take on this subject:

Natarumah – Archon of the Void (Level ?? Boss)
Location: Ulduar, Descent into Madness
Type: Summonable caster boss

Quest: Access to summoning Natarumah requires a short quest chain which starts in Ulduar. Once Yogg-Saron is slain, each character will receive a mail within 24 hours of the kill from Vindicator Narzheena, indicating that the players were not alone against Yogg-Saron, but that someone…or something…was looking on. Attached to the mail is a broken Draenei lantern, which was left behind on the scene. (This item starts a quest).

Accepting the quest leads the player to Brammold Deepmine in at Curiosities & Moore. He will analyze the lantern and tell you that it is specifically a lantern designed to darken an area instead of lighten it, and that it has seen much use by the Anchorites of the Void, a mistrusted order of Draenei Shadowpriests. He will repair the lantern for you, allowing you to call the being who owned it…but the catch is it can only be used where the previous owner dropped it last…

A key item is placed in your keyring called the Void Lantern. Use: Allows you to summon the Archon of the Void.
This item is not consumed, it works just like the urn from Nightbane used to, in Karazhan.


When the raid reaches the Descent into Madness, the first room allows for the Lantern to be used. Swirling masses of shadows will gather at the center of the room, and the eerie stained glass windows will glow with a purple light. When the mass subsides, Natarumah hovers across the ground and begins her speech.

Natarumah: “So, you seek to interfere with the Master’s business. I know of your dealings in this place. Each of you heard the whispers. Bow before the lords of the eternal dark and be granted epiphany. Do not linger any longer on your petty, moral concerns…”
Natarumah: “Pity. I was afraid you would not be able to see the grand scheme of things. That leaves me no choice but to impress the exalted will of my masters upon you…personally.”

The fight begins with Natarumah having 5 million health (7 million on 25man), as well as 10 million mana (she will start the fight at half mana). She will place Shadow Word: Pain on raid members, all damage taken is converted into mana for her. She will occasionally shield herself (absorbing 25K/75K damage), which needs to be burned through.

On the tank, Natarumah does Shadow melee damage, meaning that some Shadow resistance gear and buffs may be necessary on lesser-geared tanks. She cannot crit with her melee attacks, but in 25man mode, each successful hit will add a stacking debuff to the tank that increases Shadow damage taken by 5% – this means you need tank swaps now and then.

At half health, phase 2 begins.

Natarumah: “Enough! This is not a match of power – this is a match of will and endurance!”

Natarumah will disperse into shadows, becoming immune to damage. Every 30 seconds, she will open a shadow portal in one of the corners. A voidwalker-type add will spawn (like the ones from Netherstorm, with the lanterns on the shoulders) which deals Shadow melee damage. The adds have to be tanked, and they can be tanked by a caster. Each Void Walker killed will reduce her mana by 20%.

When her mana pool is empty she will enter phase 3.

Natarumah: “Such power…such conviction. I applaud your efforts, and will answer them in kind!”

The third phase is like phase 1, but Natarumah will cast Mind Sear on random raid members (including the tank), meaning affected people will have to run away from the raid or they will spread the damage (the target itself will take no damage of course). She will also begin to cast Mind Blast on the tank, which increases in damage until she hits her enrage time (10 minutes).


Natarumah will sink to the floor, her body evaporating in shadowy motes.

Natarumah: “Paradise awaits…in the darkness.”

The dark pool left behind can be clicked to receive your Emblems of Triumph and loot (probably Ilevel 232 or at most 245 trinkets, rings and neck items). Maybe an rp-item of one kind of the other (like a cloak you can click to turn into a shadowy ball, but without game benefits).


Should the fight hit 10 minutes, Natarumah will begin channeling a spell, and all raid members will be lift up in the air (levitated) and a horrible crushing sound can be heard as the characters are instantly killed. Their lifeless bodies drop to the ground as Natarumah laughs derisively and despawns.

Fight tips

Positioning would be spread out around Natarumah at all times, making sure that she is tanked in the middle. Adds should be tanked by a caster (such as a warlock or another shadowpriest) or a normal tank in heavy shadow resistance gear. Shadow Word: Pain needs to be dispelled as soon as possible, to prevent her mana bar from filling too quickly. Mana Burn and Drain Mana might actually come in handy to control this phase.

In phase 2, controlling addsl is key. Adds count as demons and thus are affected by Banish, Enslave, Holy Wrath and similar effects normally – but will have no effect on her mana pool.

Phase 3 is an all-out nuke, where stacking tank damage will act as a soft enrage. This fight is very healer-intensive, but not as difficult as most Ulduar hard modes. Anyone affected by Mind Sear needs to clear the raid asap, and keep away until she stops channeling Mind Sear.


I tried to make this fight combine multiple elements to make it interesting for everyone – healers should see lots of spiky damage, as well as light consistent raid damage. DPS can go to town on her shields and adds, while having to use the adds to burn her mana pool bypasses traditional “Park adds and nuke boss tactics”. Tanks both have a tank swap and the need to have the melee move away from them if they get Mind Sear.

I will look at this idea later on, and see if renewed insight and a fresh pair of eyes might add elements or flow to this fight that would be more interesting.


2 Responses to “Natarumah as a raid boss”

  1. Oooh if only!

    ps. I’d make the healers do the dispelling of course!

  2. Could also work into most any part of ICC. Tweeked into a rogue Shadow Ascendant? Would love to fight a super powerful Shadow Priest boss.

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