Blog plug feature: Glimpses of Azeroth

Sometimes another blog captures your eye, or a friend mentions a blog to you that turns out to be something special. Recently I was recommended to checki out a blog by one of her friends called Glimpses of Azeroth. What’s this about then?

Natural photography

The author of Glimpses of Azeroth presents to the reader a selected potion of Azeroth’s rare creatures in a National Geographic-style catern, including pictures and some lore-speculation on this creature’s nature, habits and involvement in its surroundings.

This is accompanied by detailed descriptions on where to find the creature, its notable drops or features and its looks and abilities. Each installment is bite-sized and written in a laid-back manner that makes me think a bit of David Attenborough (One of my favorite presenters!).


Like Breanni’s WarcraftPets, this blog focuses on a personal favorite pastime aside of raiding and PvP, namely the finding and documenting of rare creatures. Just like an explorer goes out into the world to experience all the wonderful and often neglected sights and sounds, Dragonshade wishes to share with us a catalog of the rare and the peculiar, from “Gnome-mages-turned-leper” to the “littlest big giant”, you will find something here you never knew about.

Definitely not a resource for those hunting them down (except perhaps to tame them or get a rare drop), but more like a coffee-table book with pictures.

It’s still in development at the moment but it looks quite promising! Check it out and see, perhaps one day there will be a Dragonshade NPC somewhere giving you a quest to find a rare spawn. ^_^


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