Achievement weekend

Last week and over the weekend I got the achievement bug and decided to get some things out of the way I had been planning for quite some time – and now that I have the Sanctified 4piece T10 and we’re attempting to down the Lich King, it will provide me with a time-based challenge as well as some relaxation so my time isn’t all spent on raiding.

Guardian of Cenarius

The Cenarion Circle is an honest to god old-school rep grind. I did almost all of the quests in Silithus, but that brought me close to revered. I was handing in Twilight Texts (every 10 give 500 rep) but decided I actually wanted to do the summonings as well, just for the feeling.

To do this, you grind the Twilight Cultist mobs in the three camps in Silithus, until you have a Twilight Robe, Cowl and Mantle. Wearing these three pieces, you can use one of the small orange stones in the camp to summon an elemental minion. You have a few seconds until he aggroes, enough time to put your regular gear back on. Killing the minion gets you an Abyssal Crest.

Three crests and a Large Brilliant Shard form a Medallion of station through a turn-in quest in Cenarion Hold. Another Twilight set worn with this medallion, when used at a medium-size wind stone will summon an Abyssal Duke. They drop a random green or blue item (some of which quite nice and sellable at the AH). They also drop an Abyssal Signet.

Three Abyssal Signets and five Large Prismatic Shards can be turned in for a Ring of Lordship, which can be used together with an Amulet of Station and another Twilight Trappings set to summon an Abyssal Lord. These are raid-mobs, and can be challenging at level 70. At level 80, they die too quick for you to notice.

If you are grinding to Exalted with Cenarion Circle, it’s probably best to do this once, maybe twice. Their loot is out of date (except maybe for alts) and after handing in two Abyssal Scepters they drop (there are two different quests for them) they still give rep but no longer count for Loremaster. The quickest way to gain rep is by summoning the normal minions and handing their signets in at Cenarion Hold.

Czar of Sporregar

As I already had the Kurenai on Exalted, this one was the next one up. It’s relatively straightforward, in doing their quests until you hit neutral, and then grinding giant mobs until you are almost revered – then hand in whatever quests you have left. After that, you can choose to eiter do a repeatable quest to kill Naga, grind endlessly on fungal giants in the Funggor Cavern (for 5 rep a piece or such) or turn in Sanguine Hibiscus.

I did the last option. There were none on the AH, so I went into Underbog to collect them. They drop from all “plantlike” mobs, including giants, sporebats and the mosswalkers. They can also be found in spawn all over the dungeon. A number of those is seeded right away, and once you have picked some, more will spawn back where you came from.

I simply cleared everything up to the Naga area (before Gazh’an) and then jumped down the ledged back to the starting area, picked up what respawned, left and reset the instance. When you are exalted with the Cenarion Expedition the repair guy outside will buy all the junk you collect, but if not this dungeon can get you a fair bit of rep still.

Five Sanguine Hibiscus can be handed in for 750 rep. So collecting 150 Hibiscus (30 turnins) gets you to Exalted.

Don’t forget to pick up mushrooms to pay for the stuff at their quartermaster – 10 glowcaps gets you the tabard, 30 gets you the little pet. This way you also gain towards your 25 tabards and X-hundred minipet achievements.

Timbermaw – they love me in that tunnel

Oh yes, the big one. The last for the Diplomat title, and the most loved (heh) of all rep grind save for the Wintersaber Trainers. After the initial quest to gain access to reputation from killing furbolgs, the best thing to do is to actually grind them to revered – sorry. Normal mobs give 20 rep, chieftains 60, chieftain wintermaw gives 40 rep per kill. At revered all non-chieftain mobs stop giving rep and so you have to do the quests inside Timbermaw Hold (turning in runecloth, turning in the corrupted totems you found) and the turn in all feathers and beads you collected.

I sadly had already done all quests before, so I had to grind about 400 feathers/beads – 300 rep per 5. But I finally did it sunday evening (before 10 o’clock even!) despite others farming the Felwood areas and having to sometimes pause grinding to allow level 50’s to complete their kill quests.

But in the end this means picking up some swanky tailoring patterns I doubt I will ever use – and next time I will have to remember to pick up Defender of the Timbermaw – a pretty fun trinket.

Next up: Alterac Valley and Caverns of Time

My next two projects are a bit smaller, as you can imagine. I need 2k 9K rep more to get Exalted with the Keepers of Time, resulting in the last Tabard I need for the Tabard of the Achiever, as well as the Burning Crusader achievements (which requires all non-raid TBC factions at exalted).

Progress is slow though, since no one really wants to run it anymore. When I tire of it I can always see if I can ask one of our tanks to come along on two Heroic runs (Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass) but until then it’s up to me alone. I can solo the normal version of Hillsbrad (and probably BM as well) but that only offers about 500 800 rep or so – since I need 2K more, that’s four to five runs on my own through content that I can solo without fear of my life but is very slow going.  Mmm.

Second is Alterac Valley – I actually got almost exalted with them when I was still grinding tokens and honor for the Merciless Gladiator set (the black T5 priest) which I wanted for RP – you know, because it looks awesome with Anathema. At this point I need about 1.8K rep with them to hit Exalted, which is about 3 good runs or 9-12 really lousy ones. Of course, I had only lousy runs at the end of a 30 minute queue, so this one might take a while.

The rewards for this will be the ability to buy the Stormpike Battle Tabard, the highest upgraded Stormpike Insignia (not the most useful trinket, but I think it still has some flavor). And of course, the Stormpike Battle Charger (a gnarly Dwarven mount).

A long and distant future (que chorus line)

Sometimes I think about new things to do – to spend and hour or two doing something completely “non-functional” (that is, nothing that would help me in my current raid progression or the like) just because it’s fun to do. Perhaps one day I will go for the Insane title (you know, when I have a week’s holiday off and I am really, really bored).

More realistically though, I think the next contenders will be Thorium Brotherhood and Magram Gelkis Centaurs, which are things you can do one hour at a time. Reps that require raids are Brood of Nozdormu (AQ20/AQ40, most of which can be 2-manned), Scales of the Sands (Mount Hyjal, requires setting up a classic raid for achievements) and the Ashtongue Deathsworn (likewise).

Crazy reputations (like Darkmoon Faire, Bloodsail Pirates, Shendralar and Ravenholdt) are not outside of my reach, but they take a huge investment in money and time. Especially money. This also folds in with the Insane title, so if I ever decide for this, I am likely to put up a post with my tactic to follow and progress achieved.

I mean, if I do decide to go mad, might just as well share it with the world, right?


6 Responses to “Achievement weekend”

  1. Edit: As it turns out, it does not seem to be possible to become higher than revered with the Centaur clans regardless of how hard you try – so it seems that unless there’s something I overlooked, I probably want to look into Zandalar rep to replace them in my priority list :)

    Even so, it seems they have a few low-level enchanting recipes I might want to get my hands on at Friendly…

  2. According to Wowhead, you don’t need to be exalted to get the Stormpike Battle Charger, you just need to turn in some AV marks.

  3. nalendundo Says:

    Hey im trying to get Exalted with Circle im summoning the elementals and getting the crests but i dont know were i hand then im for the rep. anyone know anything more?

    • The quest to hand in Abyssal Crests has been removed in patch 4.0.3a, which means you can no longer turn in crests and scepters.

      The Twilight Cultists still give rep I believe, but I do not know if it goes all the way to Exalted.

      You can still turn in Encrypted Twilight Texts at Hermit Ortrell at the south-east part of Silithus, and there are all-new quests that give CC rep, including new quests in Un’goro, Tanaris and the new Cenarion Circle hub in Desolace.

      If all else fails, I would say to go to WoWhead, and search the quests; filter on “gives reputation with Cenarion Circle” and you should be fine.

  4. As an additional note, Timbermaw rep has been made a lot more easy, as handing in feathers now gives 2K rep per turnin.
    The same goes for Argent Dawn rep, which is no longer easy to farm by running Stratholme and Scholomance, but goes up pretty with the quests in Eastern Plaguelands. There are also some repeatable quests there that give AD rep.

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