Priest Cataclysm overview tomorrow

Check out this statement from Blizzard regarding the class previews for Cataclysm. And, the priest preview is scheduled to be revealed April 7 – tomorrow!

I personally hope that there will be a few hints to our talents, especially regarding the following subjects:

  • Will we be dumping Spirit altogether, on gear as well as talents, or will we get “the boomkin treatment”?
  • Considering we will lose our ability to remove Disease in Shadowform, does it mean we will be more focused on damage and raid support through damage, losing our healing/support secondary role?
  • What will be our third “mastery” – besides the +%Damage and +%Mana regain we share with the other priest trees?
  • Will the storyline of Cataclysm anchor Shadowpriests more into the lore, rather than being “tacked-on” as being priests of the old gods?
  • What new spells await us as we progress to level 85?
  • How does Blizzard feel about our Replenishment/VE ability and has their focus changed – how will we support our raid/arena team and earn our raid spots in Cataclysm?

The announcement states some of these questions will be answered, and others are wishful thinking on my part. The idea of providing health and mana through damage has always been the fact that drew my into the Shadowpriest class, and I would hate to see the class changed so far that we are identical to warlocks.

As a member of the Priest class, we are by necessity a supporter, rather than an individual like the warlock or the death knight, which would corroborate this statement. Even so, Cataclysm can hold many surprises for us – pleasant or not.

As soon as I pick up the list, expect to see it here, as well as my take on the announcements.

6 Responses to “Priest Cataclysm overview tomorrow”

  1. Good point about replenishment. I wonder if they replace it with something else as it will be gone in cataclysm or will VT simply become just another dot.

    • Don’t be so quick to dismiss it though:

      “We still like Replenishment. There are only so many ways a class can buff a group’s damage or stats, so boosting regen is a distinct buff that is brought by a sufficiently large number of classes. It’s really nice to have Replenishment, but with mana regen from gear and talents being what they are now, you can certainly run without it.

      We don’t plan on cutting Replenishment for Cataclysm. However, since Spirit largely becomes a stat that only healers care about, one of two things will likely happen: you bring Replenishment just for the healers, or Replenishment changes to affect both Spirit and non-Spirit based regen, but affects Spirit more.

      Replenishment seems to offend some healers who don’t want to feel reliant on other classes. But we have explicitly designed WoW’s endgame content to be largely group-based, and synergies like this are a part of that. Tanks have to depend on priests for stamina buffs and hunters and rogues for threat buffs. At a higher level, all dps have to rely on dps buffs to do their job.” – Ghostcrawler


      • Furthering on your thoughts, it could be that they give it the VE treatment: we gain a lot of mana from VT (since we need Replenishment to keep our mana going, seeing as our Spirit is basically zilch) but give less to others. I don’t see how we won’t go OoM without our own replenishment (my calcs put it as my #2 source of mana)

        Otherwise, it could be that Replenishment will be made more advantageous in also giving focus, energy, runic power and rage, like the Revitalize talent from Resto druids.

        A final way I can see it changing is that it might be that we have to buff a person (like Beacon of Light) and both us and that person gains full replenishment. Which would be severely limited, but might make it worthwhile to bring more than one or two replenishers to a raid.

        Jury’s still out – waiting until tomorrow to see what comes up.

      • “Don’t be so quick to dismiss it though:”

        My bad. Unfortunately I have no idea where I got the idea it gets removed.

  2. “What will be our third “mastery” – besides the +%Damage and +%Mana regain we share with the other priest trees? ”
    +%Damage is true, +%Mana isn’t, the second mastery bonus we are supposed to get is supposed to be about a dps stat (haste/crit)

    • There will be 3 mastery bonuses, 2 shared among the class, and one unique for each spec. Examples were given for Priests:

      For holy, this will be +Healing, Meditation (Mana regain) and Radiance (HoT on a direct heal). For Discipline, this will be +Healing, Meditation (Mana regain) and Absorption (Improves shields).

      For Shadow, we cannot have +Healing, so that would logically become +Damage. Else, we’d be…well, pretty gimped.
      Meditation would also remain in there (Mana regain), as I stated in the post.
      Our third mastery would be a unique shadowpriest thing, but we don’t know what it would be.

      It is possible that none of the above masteries turn out to be true for Shadowpriests, since we don’t have +Healing, we might not get Meditation and so on. But until that is revealed, we have to go on what Blizzard revealed about the Priest class so far.


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