Natarumah’s Writing Mania

Well yes, I have a blog, mentor yung’uns I encounter now and then and meanwhile try to get my raiding together (which is hard, since as of this weekend my PC chose to write me a suicide note and go quietly into the electronic afterlife)…but there’s more!

World of Warcraft Official Magazine

First off, I managed to get a great opportunity to write a column for the offical World of Warcraft magazine, which is not only a great way to get my writing across to many interested people, but also give me an introduction into the goings-on of magazine writing, editing and internal communication. It’s been quite a blast, it’s a damn shame it’s already done, because I have a million more pieces like this to write, and they’re not always fitting with the theme of Twisted Faith.

Anyway, you can see a sneak-peek of the new magazine here, and below a picture of my contribution, from the same preview:

Second off, I managed to become one of the Supervisors for the World of Warcraft category on, which is a community-based Q&A version of Wikipedia. It has some great potential, and it’s a wonderful way to kill a few minutes now and then by updating, answering and restructuring things.

Like all community things, there are some bad apples and the LolBoi phenomena follows the game even there, but it’s generally very nice. Go ahead, see what you can find – and if you ask a question I will see if I can answer it!

New raiding PC

Like I said, my old PC died quite silently overnight. I am currently squirreling around trying to get it replaced. And, seeing as how good Cataclysm is going to be looking, I am glad I at least get to upgrade now, rather than after I find my laggy Draenei butt affixed to the back of a mailbox because of the image lag.


3 Responses to “Natarumah’s Writing Mania”

  1. Wow – nice article! You can call yourself a professional writer now :) What was it like writing for a magazine? Working with an editor?

  2. Well it was very nice experience. I know some of the horror stories about freelancing and having editors that ask the impossible, but none of that happened here. I think that’s also because the editor’s a genuine WoW fanatic as well, and left me quite some freedom to put my own words on paper.

    Of course some things were edited later to fit with the theme and such, but that doesn’t really bother me.

    When you write for a blog, you sometimes have to wrestle your mind for ideas, keep your mind on the audience and somehow still restrict yourself somewhat to the theme of your blog (if you have one). When working for a magazine, it falls more in the “we need an article about X” category, meaning that you can immediately start generating output.

    I myself loved the experience, as well as the chance to work with people actually in the industry. I do a lot of DTP and working with text in my day job, but this was quite something else.

    Of course, deep within I hope I will get more writing opportunities like this, because once you see your name in print you’re kinda hooked.

  3. […] that lightning doesn’t strike in the same place twice, but somewhere that theory had to give. As you might know, I had been given the opportunity last year to write an article for the official WoW Magazine […]

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