Party at the Ruby Sanctum

As usual, before a raid instance is launched on the live realms, it will be cleared at least a few times on the PTR. This helps in getting our Boss Mods up to date, and gives us a few nice videos and strategies. Kudos to those who go to the PTR and find out the stuff we need to advance ourselves.

But of course, we want to know what we can get out of the place as well, the wonderful goodies we may once call our own. Let’s see what we can obtain from this place, and how it fits with the stuff we got from ICC:

Normal Mode, 10 Man (Ilevel 258)

Misbegotten Belt – Compared to the Belt of Omission (60 EoF) this belt holds up pretty well even being of lower item level. If you are hard pressed for emblems, and need the Hit, it will be a good contender. If you don’t need the Hit, I’d go for the Crushing Coldwraith Belt from Marrowgar or the Cord of the Patronizing Practicioner from Lady Deathwhisper, which are both easy to get. You would have to get into a 25man raid for that, but many raids pug the first wing of ICC these days.

Abduction’s Cover – Spellpower, Haste and a red socket make this a quite attractive cloak, even if it has some MP5 on it. It certainly is better than the vendor cloaks, unless you have access to the Frostbinder’s Shredded Cape. Even then, the increase in Spellpower and Haste will be worth considering.

Hard Mode, 10 Man (Ilevel 264)

Not released yet, updating when the info is there

Normal Mode, 25 Man (Ilevel 271)

Cloak of Burning Dusk – This will be what I am spending my DKP on when I have the chance. It has crit, haste and a red socket, making this cloak superior for me. If you are going with a Haste-heavy setup and less crit then ICC may have some better cloaks for you, but a more balanced level of Crit and Haste will be well served with this one.

Ring of Phased Regeneration – For pure spellpower this ring is great, but it simply cannot compete with a combination of the Ring of Rapid Ascent and the exalted Ashen Verdict ring. I am not sure who’d be most interested in it, but I am not too keen on it.

Bracers of Fiery Night – While ICC has plenty of haste/spirit and crit/hit bracers, I felt it was pretty painful that there were not Haste/Crit or Haste/Hit bracers to be had in ICC. Because of that, I so far preferred the Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers even though it was obvious I’d need an upgrade. Well, this is it. And it’s good.

Charred Twilight Scale – For those without a Phylactery of the Nameless Lich or Deformed Dislodged Foreign Object, this will be a godsend. The fact that it has base Haste on it would make me say that it would be a good upgrade for either of these as well. Personally I’d go for the DFO/Charred Twilight Scale if I’d have half a chance, but I know that our Arcane Mages will drop their pants in public to get their hands on this one.

Hard Mode, 25man (Ilevel 277)

Not released yet, updating when the info is there


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  1. Dislodged*

    But yeah that trink looks good.

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