Mana taking a hit for Shadowpriests?

Judging by the latest Beta build, and the news published on MMO-Champion, Blizzard is now going to great lengths to limit mana pools for healers – priests in this case get a few select and chewy nerfs to mana regeneration to digest, which will hit us in the crossfire. But thankfully, Blizzard did not forget about us and gave us some juicy new toys to wave in the healers’ faces while we laugh our way to the mana bank…

Hymn of Hope restores 1% less mana per tick than on Live, and max mana drops from 20% to 15%. Not a big deal, since I only use it to fuel up our healers in emergencies, but it makes it just a little less useful to cast even then.

Shadowfiend restores 3% mana per hit instead of 5%. This is a big one, since we already were anticipating having to use Shadowfiend for mana instead of a DPS cooldown. Also, the cooldown reduction from Veiled Shadows went from 1/2 minutes to 30/60 seconds. We get to use out fiend less often, and he’s less useful. I guess that is the downside to that talent now being available to healers.

The good news is that the PvP talent Sin and Punishment will reduce our Shadowfiend cooldown by 10/20 seconds when you critically hit with Mind Flay. That’s probably going to be once every Mind Flay cast, in the BiS level 85 raid starter gear. It also is a sign Blizzard wants us to value Crit higher now, since we ignored it in favor of Haste almost exclusively. Less Haste also means less mana consumption, so our mana issues are somewhat deflated.

Masochism is a new talent that gives us 4%/8% of our total mana back if we take 10% of our total health in damage in a single attack, or damage ourselves with Shadow Word: Death. Hey wait! Does this mean SW:D will be starting to be in our rotation now? Sure does Biff, and this translates to (at best) 8% total mana per 10 seconds. If we have a 30K mana pool in the first raid content, this equates to 120 MP/5…

So in the end, it looks like the changes have been designed to make our mana regen less passive (Replenishment, Popping Fiend on cooldown) and more active (MF reduces SF cooldown, Dark Archangel, Masochism) which is not a bad thing in my mind.

It will, however, be quite a hassle to relearn my Facemelting ways come Cataclysm, because the entire system’s changed.

3 Responses to “Mana taking a hit for Shadowpriests?”

  1. “If we have a 30K mana pool in the first raid content, this equates to 120 MP/5…”

    30k? I was at that in my icc gear at L80 as soon as I transferred my char over to beta. At the moment at L83 with a couple of cata pieces I’m over 40k. I’d be far higher if I’d use int trinkets (= spellpower!) and if I’d replace more of my gear. I’ve seen priests running around at nearly 50k manapools at 83.

    Big part of that manapool comes from base mana increase. I think from 80->83 it increased from around 4k to nearly 15k. That also directly affects the mana cost of our spells (fheal is at over 2k mana as disc vs ~500 at 80, can’t remember shadow spell costs) so that the increased mana pool size gets balanced out by increased spell costs.

    I’m fairly certain we’d be closer to 80k at 85, possibly 100k in starter epics. Can’t wait to get home to get to new level cap :P

    • I have no idea what our mana pools will be like, it was merely a figure to work with. Mana pools of that size are a great asset, to be sure. I do worry a bit about all of the inflation in stats though. Enormous mana pools and health pools, gigantic stat requirements to get 1% increase in Haste and Crit…

      I worry a bit that it might actually get out of hand or make numbers hard to handle. It could be that this is an intentional thing, perhaps to keep theorycrafters in the dark until the day of release.

      • “I worry a bit that it might actually get out of hand or make numbers hard to handle”

        Roughly put we’ll need around 4-5x more of X to get 1% increase of something. Instead of 50 vs 60 we’ll be having 250 vs 300, not much of a difference imho. In TBC I had almost 300 haste, in wotlk I have almost 1.3k or ~4x more. I wouldn’t say it’s harder to calculate with wotlk numbers than it was in TBC :)

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