Tier 11 Bonuses and talent changes

Another day, another build and this time the bonuses awarded by the T11 set have been released! On first sight, they are not the greatest for Shadow, but then it will take a long time for the awesome T10 bonuses to be equalled. Let’s face it, Blizzard is pushing us more and more into crit, which seems okay with the reductions in crit that will be suffered to avoid Mudflation. Still, enough is enough, ok?

Tier 11 Bonuses (Shadow)

2piece: 5% bonus on Critical Strike chance with Mind Flay and Mind Sear

4piece: 30% bonus on Critical Strike chance with Shadowy Apparitions

The problem I am having with these bonuses is twofold: First off, every Shadowpriest has Mind Flay and Mind Sear, but Shadowy Apparitions don’t look too good yet. They might get better, but 15% of Mind Blast damage on a slow-moving missile that can be avoided by a boss on a turtle mount does not make me happy.

Plus, 30% extra crit chance is nice and good, but even if it crits that makes it 30% of Mind Blast damage. No idea how the math pans out, but it’s simply not very promising.

Talent Changes

Shadowfiend, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch now have 40 yard ranges, to make up for the removal of the range increase talents.

Twisted Faith now increases Shadow Spell Damage by 1%/2% instead of giving a bonus to Hit (Drats!)

Mind Flay base damage has been increased almost three times, from 167 to 501 damage. This is most likely part of the increased co-efficients Shadowpriests need to get to make up for the loss of passive damage talents. This way, all of our talents can be focused on playstyle, utility and the like, without sacrificing too much of the pure damage we need to earn our spots.


This build seems to be about tweaking the numbers, and I can only hope the set bonuses will be tweaked a bit – sadly they probably won’t. I guess that the Tier sets in Wrath were too good, and everyone went for them. Making the set bonuses situational, build-related or just not that spectacular is probably a way to make us diversify our gear more. Which is sad a bit, since Tier should be a defining aspect for raiders, just like the PvP seasonal gear should define PvPers.

Blizzard seems adamant to overload us with Crit; that’s all nice and good, but it seems a bit too forced. It’s almost like it is not based on judgment or research, but an answer to our quest for more and more Haste in Wrath. Action-reaction in its most primal form.

What I am most curious about is what the sets will look like in the first place – the concept art I saw of the Warrior and Hunter art makes me feel like it’s elemental-related. I wonder if that means we might get a shadowy shroud or wind cloaks? Would be nice.

2 Responses to “Tier 11 Bonuses and talent changes”

  1. Have to remember that T11 is comparable to the Naxx gear we got in the start of WotLK. They can’t make the set bonuses too good, or else people will be reluctant to replace T11 with T12 when it comes.

    I have to agree with you on shadowy apparitions, though. So far, I am not even sure if they are working correctly as they mostly just seem to follow me around and randomly die.

    • It would depend on how important Mind Flay will be as part of our spell cycle. Considering we will most likely be using SW:D on Cooldown again and Mind Blast has come into better graces, we might no longer need to spam 3 Mind Flays in between MB cooldowns. In this case, the T10 4-piece bonus becomes largely irrelevant.

      Otherwise, the theorycraft will show how much of a DPS loss it would be to keep 4pT10 and augment it with Cata pieces all over versus T11. If it remains even a marginal gain, we’d have the problem you described, but from T10 -> T11 instead of T11 -> T12. Either way, the boat rocks.

      As for the Shadowy Apparitions, they do follow you around if your target dies before they “locked on” hence all the funny pictures of people with a hague of (non-shadowy) duplicates surrounding them.

      I do hope they make the graphic more shadowy. Judging by the screenshots, they are non-shadowform copies. Nothing shadowy or appartition-like about them.

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