Things to do before we’re dead

There’s nothing quite like a new patch to get fires raging and old plans out of the cupboard. This is how people found out that Illidari Council in Black Temple was unkillable, or that Majordomo in Molten Core was bugged. A little bug-fix patch is released to combat (probably) the worst offenders to customer dissatisfaction in the world of Azeroth, but more is looming on the horizon.

The Insane

Getting the Feat of Strength [Insane in the Membrane] will become impossible to get come Cataclysm unless you have prepared well. This is mostly due to the (alleged) removal of the Shen’dralar and Bloodsail factions to clear up our reputations pane (along with the Zandalar Tribe). So, if you want to get stuff done, get cracking now.

I for one have decided (perhaps for the wiser) not to go for the Insane achievement. This said, I do want to have the Bloodsail Admiral title and the getup that goes with it, so I just started grinding Goblins. Probably 2.5K Goblins to go to get the title, and then another 2.5K pirates in Tanaris to get it back again.


The release of Deathwing

As stated by Zharym, Deathwing is rolling around in his prison and it won’t be long before he breaks loose. And when he does, he’s going to mop up the floor with Azeroth, one zone at a time. So book a long holiday, watch for the blackened skies, and meet his fires of doom for another Feat of Strength!

“I stood in the fire” – I so didn’t.

The Elemental lords attack

Also some time in the near future the ever-present earthquakes in the old world will be exacerbated by occasional assaults by Elemental forces through portals in the capital cities. Kill them to disable the portals and – if you dare – enter the portals to face the masterminds behind the plot.

I am not sure yet what the loot they drop looks like – it’s level 251 gear, so not too special, but if it looks nice I might just go for it. And I’ll go for it once just to have seen it, of course. But if you have alts that need some quick gear to prepare for Cataclysm, that will be a mighty fine chance.

Glyphs, read all about it!

It seems the glyph market war is slowing down, now that everyone has got most of their glyphs covered. But prices were insane for quite some time. Of course, now that they require 3 inks to make, and with the increase in herb prices, 10G a pop actually seems like a reasonable price now.

Selling glyphs for 75-100G each was getting boring anyway. But hey, good news! I leveled my herbalist alt 3 levels just by farming herbs in Sholazar Basin. I’d also suggest stockpiling some herbs for leveling Alchemy and the inevitable 2nd Glyph War to arrive once people start making more alts in Cataclysm.

Also, if you happen to play a Mage or Rogue, some Glyphs were not quite put into the game yet, and as such their prices will be astronomical the second they arrive in game. Make friends with your local Scribe, or be prepared to shell out big bucks – again.


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