The Metagem Conundrum

If you logged in after the Shattering, you may have noticed that your Metagem no longer functions. That is because most of us use the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, and this has been changed to require more blue gems than red gems to function. This is a major hassle if you are of class (like us) relying almost solely on Brilliant Cardinal Rubies.

Of course, this was most likely done to make us gem for different gems, rather than the simple “all reds” we’ve been adopting. General outrage ensued. Already blue posts confirmed that this will be redesigned, but as it can’t be hotfixed, it will be done in “a future patch” which could be a month or more from now.

This presents us with major hassles if we want to continue our raiding and have an active meta. As it stands, we have one of a few ways to handle this change:

Meta borked? Who cares?

The approach that will be taken by those who don’t raid or PvP at the moment is possibly to simply leave the Meta inactive. Let’s face it, it would cost a lot of money to regem ourselves and for what? 21 Crit strike rating and 3% critical strike damage, which is not the end of the world to lose. We will likely be able to adjust again once Cata hits, and we can always spend our money once we have new gear to review our gemming choices.

Change our Meta

The cheapest option is to simply go for another Meta until the mess has been sorted out. There are quite a few that are interesting for us out there:

None of these are pure DPS upgrades, but each does have a small merit of its own. Bracing might allow us to deal with tanks still getting a hold of their threat, and Insightful smooths our mana use. Tireless might allow us to choose a different boot enchant, but there’s not much of an option to go for there. And finally, Invigorating might allow us to get used little by little to our VE nerf.

My advice would be to go for Bracing or Ember if possible, those seem like the best options.

Gem for the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond

The expensive option, and already widely discussed in this Elitist Jerks post. In short it all comes down to the following;

  • Regem Hit in blue sockets to have (Blue gems) be more than (Red + Yellow gems).
  • Purple gems don’t count as they are both red and blue at once.
  • Try to get socket bonuses in doing this, to squeeze out more Spellpower/Intellect.
  • Reforge Hit/Spirit into Haste if possible, or Crit/Mastery if you must.

As an example for myself: I can replace 2 red gems with blue gems without losing socket bonuses, giving me 16 additional spellpower. However, since I have 19 “red gems” (including the orange ones) and no blue ones, this will mean I still wouldn’t make the Meta work. I’d have to sacrifice more than 60 Intellect from gems to make it, which is simply not worth it, since I can never recoup those losses from spellpower gained through socket bonuses. I could reforge about 40 Hit into Crit/Mastery, which isn’t very good.


All in all, what choice you make is up to you – currently it seems like the best option is to simply go for another Meta. Bracing for now, and once we reach 83-85 and our mana’s getting tanked by our spells becoming more expensive going for Ember.

Edit: blue gems are needed, not purple, so the resocketing strategy should be straight Hit gems or Hit/Haste. That makes it even worse to regem.

5 Responses to “The Metagem Conundrum”

  1. Made an error with the regemming – you can’t use purple gems because they are red and blue at the same time. You’d have to socket Green or straight Blue gems, meaning Hit or Haste/Hit. The other option would be to socket Intellect/Spirit in EVERY slot except for 1 blue or green gem.

    Neither option is very nice, to be honest.

  2. Luckily for us blizz decided to revert the requirement change. So after they do the next client-side patch it’ll be back to 2 blues to activate it :)

    • So fortunate yes, would have been a major headache otherwise. I wonder if they tossed this change out there to see the reaction, or they had some other reason for the change…

  3. I totally didn’t have a broken meta for over a week.. nope >.>

    Lucky I’m not raiding at the moment, huh?

  4. Blakkeyez Says:

    This is still valid as of 2011-01-09 but as soon as patch 4.0.6 lands new meta gems will be available and the required gems for the old one changes.

    Our best option will become Burning Shadowspirit Diamond that has Intellect + 3% Critical damage. It will require 3 red gems which is optimal as it’s the best gem for shadowpriests anyway.

    The Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond will still exist and have it’s requirement changed to also be needing only 3 red gems (so not back to 2 requiring 2 blue gems again as mentioned in comments). It will however not be as good compared to the above (unless they reduce the amount of Intellect on the above BSD significantly).

    The recipes to craft the new metagem will be a world drop so expect it to cost a bit in the beginning. Comfort is that until it is affordable the CSD is still going to be a good option.


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