Preparations for the great run

After the inital confusion with failing login servers, rage over people getting server-first cooking within 15 minutes of launch and of course the general malaise of people feeling rushed by their now-level-83+ guildies, time to make a short recap on how to make the most of your time. Follow this info so you can also enjoy the expansion, instead of just rushing.

Old World Flying

Don’t go to a trainer in the old world, in most places these NPCs are covered by players like a swarm of bees. This will likely continue as more people log on. Instead, go to Dalaran or Shattrath and learn it there – these places are extinct. For a mere 250 gold, you can now go and fly in the old world.


If you happen to be in Dalaran to get your flying, hop by the Argent Tournament arena and pick up the dailies. You can get some done while waiting in the dungeon queue for the next-best level 81 instance, and the place is not very busy at this time.


I am not sure 100% whether this is available in Dalaran as well, but train your professions. Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology and your two main professions. If you’ve been diligent with your cooking and fishing dailies the last few days, you should be able to get some crates of meat shipped over from your alts and some recipes to use the meat for on your main.

Don’t bother with first aid yet – if you are a tailor, you want the cloth that drops in Cataclysm. If you are not, you want to sell it. Prices are high at the start, so don’t waste good cloth on bandages. Same goes for fishing, if you find a pool, fish it. The fish make good money for those who didn’t do the dailies, and if you need them for your own cooking, all the better.

Why cooking? Well, the food provides good buffs, and will make questing a lot easier. Especially if you take on somewhat high-level mobs, since they hit hard. The extra Stamina and secondary stat buff help a way there.


You know that the main questing area’s pretty camped, and not all of it can be solved by Blizzard’s phasing technology. You can try leveling through dungeons, but to be honest, the instance servers will likely not stand the weight of all those players. Consider making groups with your guild members, and leveling in 5man teams. That way, quests are done quicker, you don’t need to wait half as long for quest respawns, and you get a group XP bonus to boot!


Don’t forget that part of the charm in leveling is seeing something completely new. The urge to go to 85 TODAY! must be very strong, but resist it…slightly. You won’t be raiding unless enough people in your group are 85 and somewhat geared anyway – besides, we’ve been seeing the same content for about a year now…enjoy the fresh air!

On Twisted Faith

I am currently working on updating the site – a lot of information needs updating, and I am trying to make it look a bit snazzy. This being a blog, I don’t have a lot of freedom in altering the layout without paying, something I am not planning on doing. So, we have to make do with what we have.

I am hoping to be able to get the updated material live next monday!

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