Raid preparation for Cataclysm

As the race continues to level 85 (and many of the more fervent players have already reached that point) it is time to review the gear we will be needing to enter the level 85 raids and heroics. Reputation factions will, as always, give us our head and shoulder enchants, and our gear will require much of the same modification as always.

A quick and dirty overview of what is a good setup to begin with:

  • For heroics, you will need 6% hit rating, which is 615 rating
  • For raids, you will need 17% hit rating, which is 1742 rating
  • Focus will be on Haste-heavy gear, Spirit/Haste gear is good if you need Hit
  • Mastery is ok, but we don’t focus on it – same with Crit
  • If an item is linked below, the item that drops in Heroic mode is the same item but with better stats; this follows the Wrath raid model, where 10man and 10man heroic had the same loot but with better quality, as an example. Some items don’t follow this model, notably Trinkets (often from the final boss)

Head (Enchant: Arcanum of Hyjal, 60 Intellect and 35 Crit)

Helm of Temperance – Hit/Crit head item, requires Earthen Ring Honored

Crown of Enfeebled Bodies – Crit/Haste head item, drops from Erudax in Grim Batol


Tauntka’s Necklace – Haste/Crit neck, drops from High Prophet Barim in Tol’vir

Chest (Enchant: Peerless Stats)

Robes of Rampant Growth – Haste/Crit robes, drop from Ammunae in Halls of Origination

Shoulder (Enchant: Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone, 50 Intellect and 25 Haste, required Therazane Exalted or Inscription enchant)

Mantle of Master Cho – Haste/Crit shoulder item, drops from Siamat in Tol’Vir

Legs (Enchant: Powerful Ghostly Spellthread)

Legwraps of Astral Rain: Crit/Mastery legs, so not very good but there are few options. Drops from Isiset in Halls of Origination

Pensive Legwraps: Crit/Haste legs of a good iLevel, but obtained through JP in major cities.

Back (Enchant: Greater Intellect or Tailoring embroidery)

Cloak of Ancient Wisdom – Crit and Haste cloak, requires Earthen Ring Revered

Mainhand/Staff (Enchant: Hurricane or Power Torrent)

Insidious Staff – Haste/Mastery staff, requires Baradin’s Wardens Revered

Biting Wind – Crit/Haste dagger, drops from Ertan in the Vortex Pinnacle

Modgud’s Blade – Hit/Crit dagger but with huge spellpower, drops from Umbriss in Grim Batol

Offhand (Enchant: Superior Intellect)

Book of Origination – Haste/Crit offhand, zone drop from Halls of Origination

Hands (Enchant: Haste or Engineering Tinker)

Flamebloom Gloves – Haste/Mastery gloves, requires Earthen Ring Exalted

Dolomite Adorned Gloves – Spirit/Haste gloves, drops from Corborus in the Stonecore

Wrist (Enchant: Greater Speed or Leatherworking enchant)

Sand Silk Wristband – Hit/Crit piece, drops from Augh in Lost City of Tol’Vir

Armbands of Exiled Architects – Crit/Mastery wrists dropping from Vanessa von Cleef in Deadmines

Waist (Enchant: Belt socket with additional gem)

Beauty’s Silken Ribbon – Crit/Haste wrists, drop from Beauty in Blackrock Caverns

Evelyn’s Belt – Spirit/Haste piece with a socket (haste bonus), dropping from Siamat in Lost City of the Tol’vir

Rings (Enchant: Intellect if Enchanter, else none)

Dimanat’s Ring of Temperance – Crit and Haste ring, requires Therazane Revered)

Abandoned Dark Iron Ring – Haste/Crit ring, Dungeon drop in Grim Batol


Stump of Time – A trinket with Hit, and a spellpower proc. Requires Baradin’s Wardens Exalted

Anhuur’s Hymnal – Hit trinket with spellpower proc, drops from Anhuur in Tol’vir

Gale of Shadows – Haste trinket with stacking spellpower, drops from Erudax in Grim Batol Heroic. Very good!

Sorrowsong – Interesting trinket for grinding, with Mastery and Execute proc, drops from Siamat in Tol’vir Heroic


Wand of Dark Worship – Haste/Crit wand, zone drop in the Stonecore

Wand of Untainted Power – Spirit/Haste wand, drops from Forgemaster Throngus in Grim Batol

Feet (Enchant: Enchant Boots – Haste)

Desert Walker Sandals – Haste/Hit piece, requires Ramkahen Exalted


The addition of Mastery on just about every second item makes it a bit harder for us than before to get a set together. The good news is that the items above (accompanied by a quest item or drop I missed) are more than enough to puzzle together a set with Hit Cap and as much Haste as you can get. There should also be sufficient Crit and Mastery to proc our talents, so overall impressions are favorable.

Now let’s just hope that the Legendary DPS staff that was announced is within our reach – since I’d hate to be told I had no shot at it because there’d be Mastery on it and it’s not so good for us. So here’s to hoping Mastery will be improved to be more beneficial to us than it is now – somewhere between Haste and Crit would be nice.

Edit: On the whole, to get the most out of things you want to look up the Justice Points vendors and buy what they have, since most of their gear is iLevel 346, equal to Heroic Dungeon drops. I would suggest running Heroics for about a day or three, four – and buy from the JP vendor critical items that you were not lucky enough to find.

10 Responses to “Raid preparation for Cataclysm”

  1. For more information and discussions regarding Heroic Dungeon and the first raid gear, see’s discussions here:

  2. Natarumah, great write up. I’m a bit new to theorycrafting, and especially so in cataclysm. Could you explain why to focus more on haste and less on crit/mastery?

  3. I’ve been trying to get my haste and hit (mostly spirit) up as much as possible. Mostly, I’ve read through and EJ and found myself still just a little confused. I’m going ahead with the information I’ve picked up, and common sense from two expansions of playing the same class/spec, and seem to be doing okay with that. I’d love to get some guides out but I don’t think I’m the right person to do it yet.

    One question, though, on the boot enchant. I have seen a new Tuskarr’s – would run speed not be better than haste? Or is it not so important at this point?

  4. Great, thanks.

    There seems to be a mistake regarding the wrists – the link goes to the waist?

    • Hmm, will check that out – can’t check wowhead links here, so will have to do that another time. Fortunately, you can copy/paste the name and use it to search wowhead.

  5. FYI, the Desert Walker’s Sandals have hit not Spirit. :)

    I’ve been working on my own healy Priest gear guide.

    • And so they are! Added a few more pieces, since finding and judging them is a bit harder now. Balancing research, leveling to 85, gearing in heroics and then leveling alts is giving me a hard time!

  6. This is a great list, I’ll keep it handy as I run 5 mans. The only thing that concerns me is it is nearly void of spirit.

    I have gotten my ear chewed off by healer complaining about spriests taking their healing gear. I just explain to them that for us spirit is better than haste, because it restores precious mana as well. Blizzard wants us and boomers dressing like healers.

    • Sad but true, we are up against healers when it comes to gear. Until we can get a reliable hit cap with raid/justice points/craftable gear, all Spirit is walking game for us.

      In PuGs, I would usually take the high ground and only Need on Spirit gear if the healer has equal or better. Healers took quite a hit when it comes to healing and mana, and they are struggling more than we do.

      That said, if you are in a friend/guild run, you can usually make your desire for Spirit gear known to them without incident. The Hit cap for heroics (6% roughly) is reachable without a lot of Spirit gear – but to be raid Hit-capped (17%) you probably will need to get Spirit gear to make it.

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