Ladies and gentlemen!

Now on the PTR for patch 4.1: Mind Sear damage has been doubled. To be honest, at this point I could say “we will now return you to your regular programming” and that’d be it. I mean, this is a huge leap in the right direction. The reason our AoE has been described as being slapped by the Easter Bunny is because for a long time it a) didn’t do all that much damage to begin with and b) had to be targeted on a mob so we always dealt damage to (number of mobs)-1, while everyone else killed everything.

Now, however, it seems that the tables have turned.

I don’t expect the full doubling to remain through the PTR, or if it does, only apply to the base damage or such. Rather, I think that an increase of about 30% will be what comes through as the final iteration. This is just a gut feeling, so no telling.

This will mean that we have our hands on one of the most versatile and efficient AoE attacks in the game now. We can cast in on enemies, or on our friends. It will then deal damage around it (and more significantly than before) while still maintain the ability to move around because it’s channeled.

This has implications for PvE (no longer falling from the top to the bottom on the damage meters the moment a fight calls for AoE) as well as PvP (safely channeling big damage on our plate-wearing friend in arenas).

As an aside, I haven’t managed to actually channel Mind Sear on myself (dawww) – just to let you know I tried it. It seems as if the game projects channeled spells from just in front of you (rather than the center of your hitbox) so that if you channel it on yourself you are always behind it.

Twist and turn all you want, you can’t get behind yourself, apparently.


One Response to “Ladies and gentlemen!”

  1. Dirtyshadow Says:

    Mind Sear has been a joke since 4.0… it went from being the best AoE around, to the worse.
    a) It had terrible damage since 4.0
    b) It has no bonus damage from mastery (unlike mage/lock/hunters)
    c) They buffed it in 4.06, but then nerfed it with Shadow Power in hotfix after it.

    The buff is to fix the shadow power nerf, the scaling, and the lack of mastery bonus. I expect to see Mind Sear to be buffed constantly over the patches with the rate of lock/mage item themselves with mastery.

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