Tiny tips for the Zandalari heroics

With the new heroics here and being run like mad, I think it’s time to dig a bit into the ways that we can get those bosses down quickly and safely (for us). While I am wondering why the Zandalari suddenly dropped their anti-Hakkar, pro-player atttitudes (I mean, I did get Exalted with those guys) in my mind the bad guys here will remain the Atal’ai priests of Hakkar. Despite all the head-scratching regarding the lore, I do enjoy the new instances quite a bit more than I expected, mostly because there’s a sense of story and continuity now, rather than a straight revamp with the same (now-dead) bosses.

First up today, old-time raid favorite and time-waster to grind to Exalted with the Zandalar Tribe: Zul’gurub!


In Zul’gurub, a newly resurrected Jin’do the Hexxer, now renamed the Godbreaker, has imprisoned the spirit of Hakkar. It’s up to the heroes to defeat his Loa-empowered lieutenants, clear Zul’gurub’s infestation of trash monsters and confront him. In an uncharacteristically smart move, the players will have to free Hakker to have him eliminate Jin’do.

Notable loot

Each of the minibosses drops something useful to players, in the form of resources. Gub drops a barrel of fish, the Gurubashi Master Chef drops meat for cooking, Mortaxx drops a Maelstrom Crystal, Mor’lek and Kaulema drop bags of gems and ore, and the Florawing Hive Queen drops a honeycomb filled with volatiles and herbs.

For Shadowpriests specifically, there are a few pieces of very nice loot from specific bosses in the instance:

Touch of Discord (Wand) – Dropped by Bloodlord Mandokir, a very nice Haste/Crit wand.
Lost bag of Whammies (Offhand) – Dropped by Hazza’rah. While not the greatest offhand (Spirit/Crit) it is a nice step up from a lot of heroic loot due to its Intellect.
Sash of Anguish (Belt) – Dropped by High Priestess Kilnara. A good Haste/Crit belt surpassing heroic loot, and good to have for when you have enough Hit for your liking.
The Hexxer’s Mask (Head) – Dropped by Jin’do the Godbreaker. Spirit/Haste makes it an excellent head piece until you can get your Tier together, and 30 crit as a socket bonus is still not a bad deal. Also, 10 points for looks.

Tips and Tactics

High Priest Venoxis

In general, stay spread out enough that when he casts Toxic Link on people, it’s easy to run away from each other and break it. Poison spits create bubbles on the ground, which you have to stay out of. In phase 2, he creates a maze of venom and there will be three poison orbs chasing players through the maze.

Don’t touch or cross the walls, or you will take massive damage. If you find yourself hedged in, use Dispersion and quickly get to the largest free area you can find.

Bloodlord Mandokir

Bloodletting will drain 50% of your health over time, and it’s the healer’s job to heal through it. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to use PW:Shield on yourself to prevent “accidents” from killing you in this phase. Avoid the spike zones Mandokir creates, and grit your teeth when he insta-kills someone using Decapitate.

Immunity and death-avoidance abilities prevent death, but Dispersion’s not enough to save you. Luckily, chained spirits revive players. Unlucky is that he sends his raptor, Oghan, to kill the spirits. He will also deal 20% more damage after each player death as he levels up. The usual tactic is to slow and kill Oghan, but if you have high DPS burning down Mandokir is also possible.

High Priestess Kilnara

Her main attack is casting Shadow Bolts. Tears of Blood should be interrupted, and you have to get behind her if she casts Wave of Anguish (or face being stunned and damaged). Your group should also pull in groups of the panther adds, at least 4 packs before she hits 50%. At that time, she will transform into Bethekk, and call in any remaining adds.

In this phase her damage and speed goes up a lot, and the temple will start to cave in, dealing damage to everyone. This part of the fight is a DPS race. She will enter Camouflage once or twice during this phase; targeting the tank and casting Mind Sear might help in getting more damage in/getting her to reappear, but I tried it only once so cannot say if it helped. Since she wipes aggro when she disappears, casting Fade is not a luxury.


This fight is actually pretty easy. Zanzil casts waves of fire, which you need to avoid. He will also use one of three abilities, color-coded with the appropriate cauldron nearby. When he puts down a poison gas, click the green cauldron to get a buff to reduce Nature damage. When he calls up many skeletons, get the fire cauldron and use the AoE to burn them down (Mass Dispel after this to get rid of it). When he awakens a Berserker troll, click the blue cauldron and use a DD ability (Mind Blast, Mind Spike, SW:Death) to freeze it and DPS it down quickly while it focuses on (and follows) one of the players who has to kite it.

Jin’do the Godbreaker

In this fight, phase one consists of DPS’ing him, and getting inside the Death Zones he creates just before he casts Shadows of Hakker. Casting time is reduced in the bubble, so get out quickly after he finishes. After some time, phase two starts and everyone is drawn into the spirit world.

Basically, priority here is to kill the spirits flowing in from all sides, while the tank holds a Berserker spirit. Everyone should be close to one of the chains binding Hakkar. The big Troll will Body Slam one of the players. If the player is close to a chain, it will disable the protective bubble on the chain. DPS down the chains quickly, multi-dotting the spirits and the chains.

Killing the chains is key to success, as Jin’do will be defeated when all three chains are broken. The timer here is set by increasing waves of Spirits, which need to be kept under control. Otherwise, it’s a DPS race. If multiple chains are no longer protected by a brittle barrier, keep dots on all of them and focus fire on one. The adds coming in are likely to aggro on you (due to VE healing) when they first arrive, so be sure to Fade at opportune times.

The trick here is to also keep an eye on the threat meter. It’s a pretty healing-intensive fight, so if you Fade and the healer suddenly gets a few adds on him, he might die. It’s best to get close to the tank with the adds and Fade to drop them into the tank’s immediate melee and AoE range.


That’s the round-up for loot and short-form tactics for Zul’gurub. Later this week I will do a similar cheat sheet for Zul’aman.


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