In a forest, even the trees fall alone

For some time I have been running low on steam – my WoW time was less, there was little of interest for me to write about, and I was procrastinating the hell out of myself. So today I decided that step by step I’d update the various sections of Twisted Faith, and ready myself for one day getting this production going with a more professional look.

While I was checking my blogroll, it occurred to me just how many of the people I’d put in there have quit the game, stopped blogging or simply…vanished. It had been a while since I made the rounds of all my favorite blogs, and I found a lot of tumbleweed and pages where the last post from 2010 was still proudly displayed.

To be honest, this made me a bit said. It’s the natural way of things, I mean – nothing last forever. People start playing the game, get involved, grow into it. They make blogs, fill up forums and raid calendars, and eventually outgrow it all and leave it behind.

This made me more determined than ever to put some new steam in this old beast and get it rolling. Twisted Faith’s been around for almost three years now, and some time I am going to have my behind called on for seniority. As part of the renovation project, I am now making a list of things I’d like to see improved. Some might be easy to do, others might take a lot of time, or maybe money. But Shadowpriest blogs are more rare now than ever before, so I feel that every little contribution I can make counts, so the info has to get out there, easily available.

I’ll keep you all updated on how it goes. As I said, today was blogroll-day, and I’ve filed those who’ve gone out of business under “retired”. I am not deleting them outright, since they are now part of the history of Shadowpriest Blogging, but I’ll be out hunting for fresh blood and new insights to link to.

Not giving up until Shadowpriests are removed from the game. Rawr!


4 Responses to “In a forest, even the trees fall alone”

  1. potatoe Says:

    I’m always glad to see a post from Twisted Faith.

    Agreed, a bunch of the Disc priest blogs I follow don’t have new posts anymore either. :(



  2. Wraithstrike Says:

    Misery Blog is dead now too

  3. Good luck, we’ll be here watching and waving and cheering you on!

    (Sorry Wraithstrike, but it’s nice to know someone remembers me!)

  4. Writers come and go, but it doesn’t mean the community is dwindling. It’s still there, with new faces and perspectives, and will be there for as long as the game exists and then some.

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