Firelands Shopping List

Currently, MMO-Champion has a list up of the goodies we can earn by banging our heads against the dailies and fulfilling the desires of one (or more) NPCs stationed there. The magic number here is 150 125Marks of the World Tree, and handing them in at one of the NPCs allows you to buy the goods from their store. But which one to go for first? Glad you asked.

Damek Bloombeard

This person sells a single item of note to Shadowpriests: Widow’s Clutches. These are iLevel 365 Haste/Crit gloves with a red socket. Comparing these to the Brackish Gloves or the Hands of the Twilight Council, it’s clear that these are some really good gloves, provided you have sufficient hit through other means and don’t have access to the loot from the Heroic versions (obviously).

This person also sells the Engineering/Blacksmithing recipes, but since the spellcaster weapons are Hit/Crit or Mastery based, you probably will cry a little inside if you happen to be of one of these professions.

Ayla Shadowstorm

Another single item of use here: Moonwell Chalice. An Intellect trinket with an Intellect proc clicky, what’s not to like? It looks like using this would be a straight increase even over Heroic Theralion’s Mirror, but it’ll probably require a bit of testing on proc rate and internal cooldown to figure that out for sure common sense using it during more stationary fights since if its buff depends on a static location, movement fights may cause it to benefit you a lot less than advertised. Even then, it’s sure to have a nice visual as well.

This NPC also sells the tailoring patterns for various (really big) profession bags, a Crimson Lasher pet and another vanity item.

Varlan Highbough

This NPC has what is classified as a “spell DPS ring”. Don’t believe the hype, for us it’s just another Crit/Mastery ring. The other items this person sells also seem more Tank/Melee related, in addition to a Bear Cub pet and another vanity item. There are no profession-related items here, but it might be some will be added later.


Unless there are big changes (likely), for which I will update this post, our best bet seems to be doing the Filling the Moonwell quest first, and gaining access to a very interesting trinket. If you are a tailor, this counts double. The gloves, while good, are not a substantial increase the moment you have Heroic modes in your regular diet, and are likely eclipsed by anything dropped by the first few bosses in the Firelands.


3 Responses to “Firelands Shopping List”

  1. That int trinket seems to be on-use and if going by the tank trinket it could be similar to that old Sunwell trinket that made a zone that gave you the incraesed int for as long as you staid close to it. Seems quite awesome to me.

    • Ah right indeed – 20 seconds, 2 minute cooldown. The good news is that you can time it to line up with procs and cooldowns during a burn phase. The bad news is that in movement-heavy fights, you don’t want to be forced to stay close to a stationary point.

      Still, it seems like a valid deal, we’d just have a backup trinket in case of a fight involving a lot of movement.

  2. Oooo….Berserking Moonwell(Dot.Dot.Dot) Wings (Flay & Blast till their face melts off)

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