Guild level and classic content

Everyone can see that your Guild Level helps in conquering the current content – additional XP for your alts, reputation bonuses for Cataclysm reps and guild cauldrons/lobster feasts. But just because it’s a useful gains for your raiding/battleground experience doesn’t mind it cannot help you on your off-time, and get some of the older content done which you might have skipped.

It’s not the first time I speak of Classic content, having made posts before on the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, for instance. I also fully intent to get a few guides going in this style if people find them useful enough. I’ve also shared my thoughts on leveling a new character in the revamped Old World, and a wrap-up of things that were available up to Cataclysm but are now gone. Epic class quests, oh how I miss thee.

Water under the bridge, I say – time to look at how Guild Level (GL) and its perks can help in completing some old-time grinds quicker. First off that old-time favorite: The Darkmoon Faire.

Darkmoon Faire

If you are going for the Insane title, or just would like to get Exalted with these guys because you always loved the circus, your GL can help you in many ways. First off, the perk Mister Popularity will increase all reputation gained by 5%/10%. One of the easiest ways to grind rep with them is by using Dense Grinding Stones and Thorium Widgets. This is because of the Bountiful Bags perk gained at GL 23. If you have a miner, have it run circles in Un’goro Crater or Silithus for Thorium Veins. Because of the perk, you will farm more goods than normal.

Have an engineer (or an engineering alt) fabricate the Thorium Widgets, and a blacksmith make Dense Grinding Stones. Turn both in at Rynlyn and Kerri Hicks, respectively. Each turn-in requires 8 Dense Grinding Stones or 6 Thorium Widgets.

You cannot gain any reputation from turn-ins once you hit 2250 into Friendly. This is 5250 rep, or 21 turnins (20 with 5% rep bonus, 19 with 10% rep bonus). After this, you can turn in more items for Prize Tickets, but won’t gain more rep for it, and it now requires 40 of each item per turn-in. This means you will need to find another way – in this case, Darkmoon Cards. 36,750 rep is required to progress to Exalted.

Darkmoon Cards -> Decks

A deck of cards provides a quest to turn it in. The lower-level decks (pre-level 60, which summon a Darkmoon Faire representative to you) give 25 rep per turn-in. Decks of a higher level award 350 rep each (375 with 10% experience bonus).

This means that to get to Exalted from 2250 into Friendly, you will need 36,750/25 (=1470) or 36,750/350 (=105) decks of one of these types to make it, which is quite expensive. Reduce these numbers by 5% or 10% depending on GL.

Fortunately, if you are a Scribe, there’s a shortcut for all of this. You see, when you mill herbs and make inks to make the lucrative glyphs, you will be stuck with quite some inks that have no use besides making out-dated items or scrolls. They can also, however, be used to fabricate the many sets of Darkmoon Cards.

My advice would be to make the Greater Darkmoon Cards made using TBC herbs and Primal Life, as the mats for these are quick to farm. While the Cataclysm ones will yield trinkets with actual sale value, getting 10 Inferno Ink takes quite a lot more time and can also be used to make other profitable items. In addition, you will find more people competing on Cata herb nodes than TBC ones.

If you hadn’t leveled a Scribe yet (and you should have, really, since it’s good money) this might be a good reason to do it. One advice I give for leveling characters is to take Herbalism/Mining as professions to gain more XP. The secondary benefit of this is that each alt you level will give a metric bork-ton of herbs to grind away in your glyph machine. Keep sending the Darkmoon Cards which are the side-product to a bank alt (since the cards stack but the decks do not) until you have enough of them and the Darkmoon Faire is near.

The drop-off

Make sure to have an Argent Squire near or a friend with a portable mailbox. Depending on your faction, the nearest mailbox might be very far away, and you will need many inventory spaces. Keep them stacked as cards, that way you can fill the most of your inventory. Assemble the decks in groups (since decks of the same kind are mutually excusive) and turn them in. Mail the proceeds away to your bank alt (some of these fetch good money, and else the disenchanting mats will).

Edit: Some people might actually have a level 11+ banking guild, or a guild supporting this endeavour specifically. In this case, keeping a bank tab open just for turn-in items is very handy. At the Darkmoon Faire, simply whip out the Guild Chest obtained from the Mobile Banking Perk, and you will be able to clear the bank in minutes (in a good way). Just be sure the permissions on that tab are set to allow you to withdraw everything…


Requirements: Guild Level 12 (for 10% rep bonus), Herbalist, Miner, Scribe and Engineer as characters or friends.

Benefits: Exalted with Darkmoon Faire, glyphs to sell, low-level items to disenchant, higher-level trinkets for sale and Darkmoon Faire prize tickets to exchange for fun (but useless above level 60) rewards.

Estimated Time: I believe that if you spend about an hour a day farming herbs in Outland, you’d be able to complete this in about a month. Not just because of the sheer amount of required herbs, but also because the Darkmoon Faire only comes about once a month.

Next on Twisted Faith

I intend to do a series of posts revolving around Guild Level and Classic Content. Next time we’ll see Ahn’Qiraj revisited, mechano-hogs and engineers braving ancient dungeons for their secrets.


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