One Response to “Tiny Trial Toon – Part 1”

  1. Edit: The Weather-beaten fishing hat comes from fishing dailies, the Lucky Fishing Hat from the extravaganza.

    With Cooking, Fishing, Archaeology and First Aid going to a max of 275 or so, you would be able to get a lot more mileage out of it. Of course, First Aid won’t allow you to actually get that high, since the cloth for it drops from mobs you cannot defeat. But you might be able to squeeze into the Silk Bandages levels if you’re badass enough. Another option would be gaining cloth from chests and fishing pools in higher level areas.

    You can get summoned to Dalaran, so you can fish there for coins and for the chance of the turtle mount.

    Psynister has a lot more good guides here:
    Definitely worth looking into the Darkmoon Faire and its heirlooms, as well. Even with the work involved, tickets + honor is quicker than just honor!

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