About Natarumah

Shadow specced from the day she was born, Natarumah spends time between completing old-world achievements, raiding Icecrown and gleefully assisting friends in their tomfoolery.

When not kicking puppies or attempting to perfect the art of stealing candy from babies, Natarumah spends time reading the collected work of Nietsche, or re-arranging her swiped collection of healer gear (healer tears are good for mana potions).

Currently Natarumah is a member in the Unity raid community on Steamwheedle Cartel, and has shared the joy of a few Unity first kills with these awesome folks. Currently, Unity is in the progress of mastering several hardmodes in BWD and BoT, as well as working on Al’Akir.

Natarumah’s Armory page

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About the Author

Only slightly less mean than Natarumah, the author of her personal biography (and slave to a very well-timed Mind Control) is 31 years old and working as a Proposal Specialist in a leading ICT Services company in the Netherlands.

Besides a love for theorycrafting, cats and impressive special effects, the author is most known for voice imitations, improper jokes and the tendency to hit the jump key while running.

For those who would wish to contact the author, release burning questions or break some juicy news on our most favorite class specialization, please send an email to Natarumah at Hotmail dot Com, or use the contact form below:

“So. Where’s my honorable mention?” – Eliya

Special thanks go out to Eliya of <Numen>, who has been my mentor from the start of my shadowpriesting carreer. If I fail, Eliya will let me know, and if I stop failing for a bit, I get the necessary feedback. Thanks for helping me being a bit more of the bastard I should be ^_^.

“Why did you delete my comment?”

This Blog uses an approval system for any comments, meaning that I personally have to approve the comments made. While this may cause some delay, I am usually quick enough to keep people’s attention so far. The reason I do this is to ward off the multitude of goldspammers, accountsellers and “#1 gold site” ads that would otherwise crowd this place.

I do not condone buying or selling gold, using bots or buying/selling accounts. If you choose to do it, so be it, that is the risk you take. But you will find none of that on Twisted Faith. Ever.

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