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My little Dot Timer

Posted in Addons, Shadowpriest, Theory with tags , , on October 6, 2009 by Natarumah

OsceolaOrg_MyLittlePonySparked by a post at Hots&Dots concerning ForteXorcist, I began to wonder what qualities the perfect Dot Timer addon would need to have to fit to Shadowpriests and our needs during raids. Below is what I have come up with so far, feel free to add your own thoughts and I will see what can be included. I am not looking into making a barebones setup – I’d like to see if we can design the “Vuhdo” of Dot Timers.


A Dot Timer addon tracks the DoTs that we have running on our targets, allowing us precision timing on what we DoT and when. Current examples include DoTimer, ForteXorcist and custom Power Auras.

  • Multi-target to support multi-dotting – the addon would have to neatly group the various targets and display our debuffs on them, so that in a multi-dotting situation we can track them across various targets.
  • Current target priority – our debuffs on the current target need to be most prominently displayed, since that is most important to us at that time.
  • Cooldown monitor – to track cooldowns on our Shadow and Discipline spells.
  • Misery warning – there should be a display or warning showing when Misery is on our target
  • Shadow Weaving warning – there should be a display or warning showing how many stacks we have, with perhaps a visual cue when we are at the magic “5”.
  • Tracking bars – the DoT duration should be displayed as a bar, shortening as the duration runs out. There should be some sort of “ping” or “flash” on the bar indicating when the damage ticks happen, to assist in for instance clipping Mind Flays.
  • Grouping – the bars should be sorted by mob, and within each group the bars should be sorted by “time remaining” as a default.
  • Tracking timers – on or next to each bar there should be a timer, which counts in full seconds until the DoT reaches the last 2 seconds, when the display should include tens of seconds.
  • Icon – For most, the spell icon next to the bar should be enough to identify the spell; an option for including the spell name would be handy though.
  • Re-targeting – Vuhdo has an option called “private tanks”, where we can store specific people we want to watch while healing. If the name of the target on which we have DoTs is targetable, it eases targeting multiple mobs.
  • Targets and DoTs should be properly removed from the list when dead or expired – a problem which often occurs with DoTimer is that the timer continues even if the mob is dead or the DoT has been dispelled, which does not help us.
  • Customization – the bars’ color, texture and size should be changeable, and the timers should be easy to move and lock without complicated menus.

An example of what such a bar grouping would look like, I made a simple visio picture describing the idea:

Addon idea1

Work in Progress – more will be added as more ideas are sparked!