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Going social? Moi?

Posted in News, Shadowpriest with tags , , , on August 6, 2009 by Natarumah

natarumah-128When I think about it, it’s awesome to be able to speak out about your favorite subject. Next step up is people listening to you, and you listening to others. Third step is dialogue, where you discuss with others about the subject, share views and experiences, and learn a new thing every day. This will end up with friendships (yay!) as well as antagonists (bawww!), but that’s life.

While Twisted Faith started as my own social experiment mixed with “at least now I know where I left it” style of information storage, I feel that since I am not going to stop blogging anywhere soon, I might as well start setting things up right for the third step mentioned above. So I made myself a Twitter account (to see others’ personal little victories and share my own) and a Facebook account (to give my facemelting persona a proper profile, and to show what I do, instead of what I talk about). And let me tell you, creating those for virtual personae is not an easy business, no sirree.

Anyway, it’s all empty and ugly and I am not sure how it all works that well, so bear with me as I am bound to make mistakes and do foolish things. But then again, then I have something to talk about, right?

I am sorting out the kit I will be chasing after in 3.2 soon, as well as a quick list on how to have your fresh level 80 Shadowpriest catch up with raiding Ulduar and Colliseum at the fastest pace possible.


Ninja edit: I notice that when you get followers, 99% of them are random people who will follow anything, adult chatters or people who make tweets for adult videos. I am hovering with my finger over the block button, but I am not sure as I don’t know Twitter etiquette. Is it harmful to block them – especially the adspammers?