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Faction and Race changes, can we have fun with it?

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inv_misc_toy_01pngOn behalf of the Shared Topic proposed on Blog Azeroth, I have been giving some thought to the concept of Faction and even Race changes (as the latter seems to be in the works as well) and determine whether we can have some fun with these, and perhaps even give us an advantage. Players seem to fall into two categories, generally: those who are enticed by the exciting and fun, and those who like reward and gains. Time to toss up some ideas that may be liked by both categories of players.

Faction Changes

Roleplaying an undead convert

First thing on many roleplayers’ minds, and an interesting wager. If you wish to reroll Horde from the Alliance, why not turn your Human into a Forsaken? Lorewise this would fit perfectly, and it would give you an established background to go with it. Simply log out at the location where you’d want your character’s “death” to occur, and when you wake up immediately head for the Forsaken starting zone. Simply follow the storyline (even though it is most likely you are high level, making this very easy) and immerse yourself in a new (un)life.

Bringing out the inner Goblin

Not necessarily rerolling a Goblin, but most likely you will retain all your items when you switch faction. While this costs real world money, it can be an opportunity to make a large amount of ingame gold by loading up your toon with Alliance- or Horde-only pets and rare items that the Auction House on the other side does not have. I don’t know how many people would do this, but in lieu of a friend to help you at playing the NeutralAuction House, it may be worth a (one) shot.

Human to Worgen

When you mostly PvE, rolling a Human may seem like a bad deal. Their racials, while nice in PvE, are still a little more suited to PvP. When the expansion hits, why not switch your Human into a Worgen? In terms of appearance you will not change a great deal, but you will gain a damage bonus and a bonus to skinning. Simply head for Gilneas and make sure whatever quests and rep that are appropriate to you are done, and your new life starts. With the damage and skinning bonus, this will most likely be the route for a Human Rogue, since they have a greater chance at skinning generally. For Roleplaying, a Warlock will also be an excellent choice.

Night Elf to Troll

With Elune’s blessing I will perform this ritual to get into contact with the most primal source of nature….*poof*…mon. A devolution of Night Elf into their (supposed) Troll ancestry provides some interesting avenues if you happen to be tired of your Night Elf form. It also allows you to fully immerse into the new Druid lore provided.

General Faction change benefits

Let’s face it, sometimes you just chose the wrong faction. You rolled Horde but after your first Alliance character cemented your place on the other side or vice versa…why not bring your high-level toons over as well, to bring you a benefit in tradeskills, money and equipment? It’s no fun having level 80 characters rot on the other side while you have fun with your level 10 toon. Share the love.

With the ability to change your appearance, name, server, race and faction, you can start a new life anywhere you want, anytime. While this is also an avenue for people who have bad rep or who are scammers/thieves to escape, it provides people with enormous freedom. And freedom is good, especially when you have played the same game on the same faction for years.

Even for PvP it will be a godsend. Hard-core PvPers will have the chance to switch sides to improve their odds, or to lessen their waiting times by joining the side with historically less participants. Such things will remain speculative and rare, but it is an option. More appealing is the race change, within a faction, where you’d be able to get rid of a race so changed by patches, that it is no longer viable in your opinion. The Troll mage not cutting it? Reroll Blood Elf. Blood Elf hunter useless? Get an Orc. The possibilities are quite expanded.

Raiding guilds will now also be able to recruit good people not just cross-server, but now also cross-faction! Think about it, if you happen to be scouted by the number 3 raiding guild in Europe as a good player they’d like to have, even being a different faction would not stop you from joining.  More freedom.


This is all made with the assumptions you get to keep your pets and mounts (unless faction-specific) when you switch, and that your reputations and achievements are changed to match. If they are not, mount and achievement junkies will be able to expand their list simply by now completing it again on the other side! I doubt this will happen, but it would be easier on Blizz’s software than having to recaclulate and evaluate everything.


The only negative impact I would see on this might be that a person switching factions has to learn new racial abilities…race-specific priest spells were already removed (*mourns the death of Shadowguard once more while guzzling some scotch*) and the difference between classes is nil, which means it’s only one or two abilities; considerably less impact than discovering that you joined a pug full of Ebayers.

Would I reroll?

Not likely. Natarumah’s identity is pretty much set as Draenei, and I feel no reason to change whether for looks or the raiding climate. Nazhtarune would be a hard call – but I like Druids enough I might just roll a Troll Druid from scratch anyway. Of my other alts, the most likely would be my Hunter (Draenei -> Troll) or my Warlock (Human->Worgen [yes she’s a skinner]).

But there’s little reason for it at the moment save for the aestethic…such as a Troll Hunter with a raptor hatchling, Devilsaur pet, riding a Venom Ravasaur mount tossing bombs at passers-by…hmmm.


The ideas are many, but I think few people will actually go this far unless they really, really want to change faction or race. They want to play with friends, raid at a higher level, or discovered they simply made the wrong choice. For them, that is awesome. For all others, probably a last resort.

Features or Frills?

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achievement_halloween_cat_01All is abuzz about the two most recently revealed changes for patch 3.2 to come: Raid lockout extension and Faction Change. Let’s look at a little depth what this means, so far…this information is parsed from the forums and

Raid Lockout Extension

It looks as if there will be the possibility to extend the lockout duration of a raid you are in by 1 week. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to spend more time on managing a certain hard-mode, or clear through a challenging dungeon longer. So far this is clear, but a few questions remain, which I will hope to answer here once it becomes more clear:

  • Can only the Leader of a raid extend it?
  • Does it apply to the whole raid at once? Must each member do it seperately?
  • Can it be extended only once for 1 week, or repeated?

The problem is that I can see people griefing their pug members if the answer to points 2 and 3 is yes. They could theoretically extend it continually for weeks, blocking a group of people from actually finishing a raid or instance. It is clear that the screen to request the extension also allows you to remove it, but probably within the same restrictions as mentioned above.

Faction Change

Ever wanted to join the other side? Well now you can. With an upcoming paid feature Blizzard is planning (but not 100% sure if and when) you can change yourself from one faction to the other, choosing a new race. I can see how this is a benefit if you want to play with friends on the other side, or if there is a horrible faction imbalance on a  server.

Some people have stated that perhaps your faction allegiance changes, but not your race. This however is severly against the lore, plain silly, and more than a bit unbalancing to the game itself. On a PvP server you’d go nuts because even your friends could become your enemies. Besides addicted, I can see people becoming paranoid because of WoW now as well. ^_^

On the flip side, it’s also another way for known Ninja offenders to hide their trail. Even websites like wowprogress will no longer be able to connect the 80 Tauren Warrior from a ninja guild hopping servers and becoming an 80 Gnome Warrior. I think this is a small concern however, for it will allow you to switch sides if you had the idea you really wanted to play something else, but did not want to start all over again.

People have been wondering why it is not possible to change from Gnome to Human, for instance. Well, crudely you could do it by changing from Alliance to Horde and back to Alliance. I have to say I am curious how this will work out, especially with pets, achievements and reputations.

Fact is, the greatest cost is not even the money, but the realization you might be forced to grind all your faction rep again.

It does offer some interesting Roleplay options and PvP options. I will leave most of such philosophizing to the real PvP jockeys, but it allows them not only to reroll FotM classes, but also races now, and even factions. This might even slowly drain the life out of the “nerf it, reroll” discussions, and the like. In roleplay, it allows you to play an infiltrator (not that you couldn’t before, but now you actually are) or a Human who changed into a Forsaken.