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Keeping your wits about you

Posted in Shadowpriest with tags , on May 10, 2009 by Natarumah

inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02Funny how life tosses you a curveball from time to time. Recently, the Saga raiding community stopped raiding to become a social membership. Those people who were just looking for (or wanting to stay in) a place they could call home remained within Saga. Strangely, not a week after, we ran a Naxx-10 again, people clamored for Ulduar, and activity levels increased. I have applied since then to the raiding community Unity, which now has me as a trialist. It will still take some time to determine whether or not I will be allowed on board, but we’ll see how it goes.

More importantly, Unity only caters to 25-mans, not 10-mans at all. This is good, because should Saga start running and be in need for a healer while I am not needed for a raid, I can come on Nazhtarune and help them out. I am still keeping Natarumah aside for Unity completely at this point. Let’s face it, Unity deserves to get all I can give, and at this point that is my Shadowpriest.

I have come to a few simple realizations in this time, which may help you if you (like me) as suffering from raid- and guild-stress:

1) The guild will be fine without your mothering about – they are grown people too.

2) If you stop having fun you will stop logging in – and that means people perceive this as “not being active”.

3) When your need is most dire, and you really need that break, people will understand – no man is an island.

I have done some soul-searching on myself, and tried to determine what I really did or did not like. I like blogging, photography and art, but am not the type to enjoy doing the goose strut in a line. So I decided to renew my membership with the Dutch-Japanese foundation (which does a lot of Japan-related events in the Netherlands) and make reports and photographs. Then put all of this together in a new blog. That will become my main goal for the next few months, to figure out what I like to do exactly, and thus prevent being ruined by stress and boredom.

I love WoW and will keep playing, and I will keep blogging about all of it, though. I am too much of a theorycrafting git, and I love fighting for the rights of the oppressed (Shadowpriests in this case). Rock on, Shades, rock on!


Heavy times and heavy hearts

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on April 16, 2009 by Natarumah

achievement_halloween_cat_01We’ve all been there I think, I am just very tired to be there again. I have told you recently that our community has suffered from setbacks. People were not signing for 25mans until they were sure that there was a 25man…which led to a called raid due to lack of signs. People are unhappy they can’t raid the days we raid, or are not happy when they are told their gear or playstyle is not up to snuff. And now, more people leave for the top raiding community on our server because they want 25man loot.

Yes, it’s about the loot. I have heard people say a hundred times that they are in it for the fun, but it just is not true. The only difference between the 10 and 25mans (previously) was that the 10mans were harder than 25mans but offered worse loot. With 25man gear you race through a 10man at the normal speed again.

And so people leave, and say they are sorry they leave because the atmosphere is nice and they still like to be members of the club socially…but the loot they want is shinier. And they all hope we can do 25mans soon, but we all know we will have to do it without them. And enough people thinking this way means we are left with enough people for 10mans only, and 20 people waiting for us to be able to do 25mans again.

Math does not work that way, peeps. When 20 people stand around and do nothing, there is no 25man and there will be no 25man.

We have considerations for joining with another raiding guild for 25mans specifically. We have plenty tanks and healers but lack DPS, while their situation seems somewhat reversed at first glance. I hope it flies, because my hope is sinking rapidly. We still have a core of people who are prepared, on time, flasked and fed, but it is shrinking fast. People are becoming complacent, irritable and anxious for loot. Small problems and worries are not shared until it is too late to remedy them, people forget the rules and need to be corrected. They had a taste for the shinies and they want more, but are slowly running too far behind the curve to make it.

The weight on the Guild Leader’s shoulders becomes ever heavier, and I am not sure how long that will hold. I do what I can as officer to smooth things over, but I have the idea people no longer want to listen.

I hope we can pull through this one, or we will be stuck in 10mans until eternity, or worse, fall apart.

Wrath comes, my wishes remain

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 10, 2008 by Natarumah

spell_shadow_spectralsightOnly a few days before Wrath of the Lich King hits the shelves. I am already anticipating the streams of people rushing themselves to 80 so that they can be the first. Even so, I look back at TBC, and think about all the things I recently did and wanted to do.

You see, when I hit 70, I had a very concrete wishlist. I wanted to raid, and I wanted to have some cool-looking threads. However, things have changed when my knowledge grew and my access to raids increased.

My guild’s now raiding Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Even though it’s all nerfed and we are not “hardcore”, I am pretty happy we got this far. You see, this is still practice. It’s still teamwork. And all of this will see repeats in Wrath as well, I am sure.

Due to the fact that some in our guild never performed the old MH/BT attunement, we managed to get all of that done last week. People said it was not needed, and to leave it. Better focus on what comes in Wrath. Yet, the rewards we reap are sweet, because in doing so we did earn the Hand of A’dal title.

Yep, as long as you have the old Vials of Eternity quest in your log, and have progressed to around the point in the BT questline where you get quests from Akama, there is a good chance that the quest system tells you that you are not eligible for the “new” A Distraction for Akama quest, and instead gives you the old one.

And that one awards a title. We were all giddy inside, like mushrooms under LSD-soaked rain.

Anyway, now the next thing on my list will be to get a full set of Tier 6 (In my opinion the most smexy set designed by Blizzard for priests). People tell me it is not useful. Better to focus on Wrath.

Like last time, I will ignore that. Because if nothing else, if I ever quit raiding, and I am bored to tears…I can still look at that set and keep to the memories of the old raids. Just like I am now one Molten Core run away (hopefully) of getting my hands on Anathema. For no reason. Just to have it.

So, what are your wishes? What do you want to claim still in TBC and keep through Wrath?

Saga (Steamwheedle Cartel – EU) is recruiting!

Posted in News with tags , on September 19, 2008 by Natarumah

Time for a little shameless bumping for my guild. After our successes in ZA we’ve set our sights on the 25-man raids available to us. Although we have basically enough people to run 25-mans and enough gear to run BT, we’re always looking for more people with “the right stuff” to come strengthen our team.

General Information

At the moment, we’re a small community, a band of friends dedicated to exploring WoW’s raiding content together. We are especially looking forward to the upcoming expansion, hoping to see the new raid dungeons when Wrath of the Lich King hits the stores. It will take a lot of work and dedication to get this far, but we’re more than willing to put in the effort.

Most people in Saga are between 18-30 years old, with a few younger ones and a few older mixed in. Regardless of age, we’re all here for the same reason: to have big laughs together, to look for new challenges and progress, and to be a real and valued part of the team.

Our past successes

Despite being a young and eager community, we’ve cleared Zul’Aman, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair. And while our alts are clearing Karazhan to gear up, many of us have various degrees of experience in mainly SSC/TK and some BT.


Saga has only one expectation from its members: Behave as adults both towards your fellow community members and the people playing on the Steamwheedle Cartel server. As a member of the Saga raiding community, we expect you to act with a degree of respect and conduct towards others. Keep in mind when dealing with others that you are a part of a larger raiding community, and that your actions reflect on Saga as much as they do on you.

Raiding requirements

We expect our members to raid at least two times per week, and be present on time, repaired and stocked up. We require you to use food and flasks on all progress content. As we are currently going to practice in SSC/TK, we need our members to be sufficiently geared for this level of raiding.

What do we offer?

We are a well-structured and organized raiding community, with room for casuals and hard-core raiders alike. We also organize classic raids in old content, and the occasional PvP runs. As this is an RP server, we are at the very least tolerant of RP, and many of our members engage regularly in roleplaying.

We offer a supportive goal-driven atmosphere, team-based play and clear tactics, as well as a fair loot distribution system. Next to this, we offer every opportunity to “fit in” with us, have a good laugh and enjoy comedy central-worthy Ventrilo conversations.